Degree Requirements

The Master of Science in Nursing program uses a cohort model.


A 3.0 GPA (on a 4.0 scale) in nursing courses must be maintained to progress in the program. A student may repeat a course only once to improve his/her grade and to remove the unsatisfactory grade from his/her overall GPA. If more than one course is completed with less than a 3.0 the student must petition the College of Nursing Admissions and Progression Committee for readmission. No student will be dismissed from the MSN program without a careful review of the student's academic record and evaluation of total performance.

  • Must complete all required course and practicum hours.  
  • 38 credit hours for Educator course and practicum hours
  • 39 credit hours for Leadership course and practicum hours
  • Students may transfer up to nine (9) credit hours into the MSN Program.
  • Maintain a 3.0 GPA out of a 4.0 overall grade point average throughout the program
  • Degree requirements must be completed within seven years from time of entry
  • Successful completion of the Master's Integrative Review of the Research/Literature Project
  • Completion of Program Evaluation tools

Please refer to the current Cardinal Stritch University Graduate Catalog at for policy/procedure information.

A student has seven years, beginning with the first course that the student wishes to count towards the MSN degree (whether the student has been formally accepted into the program or not), to complete the requirements for the degree. As health care science and new models of health care delivery are evolving at an ever-increasing rate, this time limit is provided to assure the student of a good quality outcome unburdened by outdated knowledge.

Therefore, it is recommended that any needed prerequisite courses be completed before beginning course work which will apply to the degree. Steady course progress, and initiation of work on MSN thesis/project early on in the program, are necessary for the completion of the requirements within the seven year limit.

In extraordinary circumstances, a student may initiate a request for an extension of the time limit by contacting the MSN program chair of the Ruth S. Coleman College of Nursing & Health Sciences. The MSN program chair will submit the request and recommendation to the University Graduate Admissions and Standards Committee for a decision.