Student Honors Societies

Sigma Theta Tau (STTI) is the only International honor society in nursing for undergraduate, graduate as well as professional nurses. It is a global community of nurse scholars and leaders from 90 countries recognized for their superior achievement, leadership qualities, high professional standards and commitment to the profession of nursing. Students are invited to join Tau Sigma Chapter based on courses completed, class rank, and GPA.

Tau Sigma "Chapter - at - Large"

In 2013, the faculty from the Ruth S. Coleman College of Nursing working with the faculty from the Columbia College of Nursing from Tau Sigma, presented an application for a chapter charter amendment to Sigma Theta Tau International. The chapter charter was amended to "Chapter - at - Large." This amendment is significant in the life of the chapter as it affords more students, faculty, and leaders in the nursing profession an opportunity to participate in chapter activities and make contributions to their organization by representing nursing in a more definitive manner.

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