Consortium Supports

The consortium provides its members with ongoing support and collaboration to share ideas, resources, and expenses.

As a member of SWEP, our consortium participants benefit from both the cost savings and access to New Teacher center professional development, research, and resources, as well as the opportunity to collaborate and share best practices for teacher induction with other member school districts.

Consortium district participants can participate, at no additional cost, in numerous collaborative events and supports co-facilitated by SWEP and district leaders to develop expertise and materials uniquely suited to the needs of member teachers, mentors/coaches, and administrators.

Consortium Supports:

After-School SWEP New Teacher Kick-off
Position new teacher for success by connecting them to a community of new teachers, information, and resources: 
  • Why is having a mentor awesome?
  • Why is it beneficial to collaborate with subject area or grade level colleagues in other districts?
  • What opportunities and resources are available to you through SWEP and Cardinal Stritch University?
½ Day In-District Consultation
Consultation with the SWEP Instructional Programming Coordinator to co-plan educator seminars with program leaders from one or more districts.  Seminar materials that are developed will be co-presented and shared at Lead Mentor Forums and shared via Google drive.

Educator Licensure Support
As licensure expectations change, the consortium will work to keep districts updated as to those changes. 
Mentor Refresher Workshop
Workshop participants will revisit the key concepts, skills and strategies addressed in the Instructional Mentoring and Observing and Conferencing trainings. 
Lead Mentor Forums
Lead mentors will revisit best practices from New Teacher Center, collaborate, and learn from each other’s experiences.  Materials from participant district mentor workshops may be shared at these forums.

Principal Seminars
Seminars to support administrators in connecting their supervision processes with mentoring and coaching protocols, language, and tools.  Administrators will review and practice using NTC’s mentoring language, revisit the NTC’s protocols for working with mentors, and practice triad conversations.

Consortium Council Meetings
Consortium Council meetings are designed to support program leaders in their work within consortium districts.  Program leaders will have time to explore, practice, and share strategies.

District Work Day
Time for district teams to celebrate successes, collaborate with each other, and plan for the upcoming academic year.