Prospective Students and Candidates

Financial Aid for Graduate Students

Graduate students may apply for a Federal Direct Loan package totaling the cost of their education each year, up to $20,500 ($10,500 for Post-Baccalaureate Certificate students). Federal Direct Loans for graduate students are unsubsidized and are not awarded on the basis of need. Interest for unsubsidized loans is charged starting at disbursement until the loan is paid in full.

To be eligible for a federal loan, you need to apply and be admitted to a graduate program. Students in term-based programs must enroll in at least 4 credits per term (6 credits per term is required for Post-Baccalaureate Certificate programs). Students in accelerated, non-term programs are eligible for aid based on enrolling in the program.

To begin the Financial Aid process, visit our Apply for Financial Aid webpage.