Scholarships for Traditional Students

One of the most important things to think about while you are considering Stritch is that, on average, Stritch students have half of their tuition paid for by scholarships and grants, money that does not need to be paid back.

Scholarships are available to incoming freshmen and transfer students, and these scholarships help to make Stritch an affordable option for you. In fact, unlike other schools, you’ll know before you even apply to Stritch whether or not you qualify for our Franciscan Heritage Scholarship (for incoming freshmen) or Serra or St. Bonaventure Scholarships (for transfer students) – and how much you can expect to receive!

Click on each of the scholarships below to learn more about that scholarship and how much it can be worth to you.

Please note that all scholarships have specific requirements in order to renew them from year to year. Scholarship amounts are subject to change and should only be considered final when granted to the student by the University.

* Scholarship is for incoming freshmen only
** Scholarship is for transfer students only