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Undergraduate Programs

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  • Freshman
    Application for our traditional daytime program for high school seniors, home school students and/or those with a GED diploma, or high school graduates with no more than 11 college credits attempted.
  • Transfer
    Application for our traditional program for high school graduates who have attempted 12 or more college credits. Use this application for evening programs other than business.
  • Evening Accelerated Programs in Business (Freshmen and Transfer Students)
    All students interested in our evening accelerated programs, including students who are attending college for the first time, transfer students, and international students.
  • Re-entry to the University
    For students seeking to return to our traditional daytime program. Stritch must be the last University attended.

Graduate Programs

View a list of all degree programs and use the application for your college.

Additional Graduate Options

Special Students/Course Auditing

  • Special Student
    Complete this application if you plan to enroll for credit and/or audit courses at either the undergraduate or graduate level but do not intend to seek a degree.

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