DANTES Subject Standardized Tests Program

The DSST program is a nationally recognized program that gives students the opportunity to earn college credit for learning acquired outside of the traditional classroom.

DSST, fomerly known as DANTES and currently administered by Prometric, is a nationally recognized testing program with over 1,200 testing locations. Exams correspond to college-level subjects and allow students to demonstrate knowledge equivalent to that learned in a college course.

Stritch awards credit for all 38 DSST program tests, covering topics in six general subject areas: business, humanities, mathematics, physical sciences, social sciences, and technology. Exam credit may be applied, with prior permission, to courses taught at the undergraduate level or to fulfill undergraduate degree requirements.

A combined maximum of 60 credits of the allowable 60 credits for extra-institutional learning may be earned through the DSST program. 

For information about testing centers, test fees, subject content, requesting transcripts, or ordering study materials visit http://www.getcollegecredit.com/.

Download FAQ/DSST policy and information sheet.

Download DSST transfer guide.

Download Off-Campus Permission Form.