Meet the 2014 Alumni Challenge Donors

We Challenge YOU!

Lisa (Petesch) Badran, B.A.,’87, M.E., ’90 and Souheil Badran, B.A, ’88, M.B.A.,’97, Fox Point, Wis.

“We believe in giving back because we know our lives would be dramatically different if it were not for Stritch.”

Barbara (Thomas) Barone, B.A.,’63 and husband Frank Barone, Saratoga, Calif.

“Last year I celebrated my 50th anniversary as a Stritch graduate. The values and knowledge acquired as a student in 1963 continue to guide my personal and professional life to this day.”  

Lori Craig B.S., ’92, M.S., ’09 Shorewood, Wis.

“Being prepared to lead in an ever-changing business environment is a challenge. Extending that leadership to meet the needs of an ever-changing community is a commitment. Stritch prepared me for both.”

Laurie Tines Peregrine, B.S., ’06 and husband Frank Peregrine, Madison, Wis.

 “My studies at Stritch helped me develop an entrepreneurial attitude and spirit which led to success in challenging business ventures. Fortunately, I was able to maintain my work and family commitments while completing my degree because of the flexible class scheduling of the program.”