Habitat FAQs for First Time Construction Volunteers

Q: Do I need to be experienced?
A: No. You do not have to be experienced with construction. It is helpful, however, to have a sense of humor and a degree of flexibility.

Q: What can I expect when I get to work site?
A: It takes about 30-40 minutes for the construction leader to do introductions, share safety tips, explain tasks to be done, get into teams and be shown what to do.

Q: Should I bring tools?
A: We do provide tools. If you want to bring anything – please leave it in the car until needed.

Q: Is there a dress code?
A: Dress code on the construction site:
-Wear comfortable, sturdy, closed-toed shoes
-Dress for the weather, as you may be indoors or out
-Cold weather – wear layers and gloves
-Hot weather - consider using sunscreen and wearing hats
This is a real construction site so dress for safety:
-Long pants are preferred
-T-shirts tucked in especially if you use power tools/saws
-Your clothing will get dirty, so dress appropriately

Q: Should I bring anything?
A: Gloves (just in case), sense of humor.

Q: What about food?
A: Lunches and beverages will be provided.

Q: Do volunteers do the electrical, plumping, heating, or concrete work?
A: No, we use licensed sub-contractors for those jobs.

Q: Can I bring youth?
Age restriction:
Youths age 16+ are allowed to do the construction.
Youths 16 – 17 may perform general construction work, but may not engage in certain activities that are considered hazardous e.g., operating power tools, working on the roof.
Activities for youths age 14 – 15 must be scheduled in advance. The tasks on site are limited to such as things as landscaping and helping with clean up before dedication.
Youths need to be accompanied by an adult. 4:1 ratio.