Past Alumni Award Winners

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Recipients by Year:

Graduate of the Last Decade Award

Dr. Eve Hall, Ph.D. Leadership for the Advancement of Learning and Service, ’09

• President and CEO of the Milwaukee Urban League
• A leader and advocate who leverages the business/government/community partnership to develop programs that create change and expand opportunities for positive impact
• Leadership experience in the area of economic empowerment has allowed her to be in the forefront of efforts to enhance and improve business development in our most challenged communities
• Co-founder of the African American Women’s Project Fund, created to invest in organizations supporting the well-being of women and girls

Distinguished Alumni Award for Professional Achievement

Dr. Vicki Martin, M.S. Management, ’84

• President of Milwaukee Area Technical College
• Instituted the MATC Promise, which provides tuition and fees to eligible students, funded through private donations
• Created the Facpty Innovation Center and the Women in Technology Center at MATC
• Serves on a number of boards including the Bradley Tech Commission, the Milwaukee Area Workforce Development Board, the Public Policy Forum, and Milwaukee Succeeds Executive Committee

Distinguished Alumni Award for Professional Achievement

Dr. Virginia Stoffel, Ph.D. Leadership for the Advancement of Learning & Service, ’07

• Associate Professor, Occupational Science and Technology, College of Health Sciences, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee
• Immediate past president of American Occupational Therapy Association; advocate for occupational therapy issues and mentor to occupational therapy professionals
• Co-author of text, Occupational Therapy in Mental Health; pioneered a unique research methodology, PhotoVoice
• Research focuses on the needs of veterans as they transition to civilian life

Spirit of St. Francis Service Award: University Supporter

Dr. Darienne Driver

• Superintendent of Milwaukee Public Schools, which employs more Stritch alumni than any other single organization
• Instituted a number of bold reform measures designed to improve student outcomes
• Works in partnership with a number of boards and organizations throughout Milwaukee
• Recognized by the Milwaukee Business Journal in 2015 as a 40 Under 40 honoree

The Mother Bartholomew, OSF Lifetime Achievement Award

Sr. Ladonna Woerdeman, OSF, B.A. Home Economics, ’67

• Registered dietitian and certified diabetes instructor at the Diabetes and Kidney Center Unity Point in Cedar Rapids, Iowa
• Honored with the 2012 Legislative Activity Award by the Academy of Nutrition and Diabetes for her advocacy efforts in Iowa and her leadership nationally
• Served in Madagascar as part of the Catholic Relief Services Global Solidarity Partnership
• Tireless teacher and advocate for people on the margins of society − living the charism of the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi

Graduate of the Last Decade Award

Shannon Reed, M.S. Business Management, ’11

Shannon Reed serves as the income portfolio manager at United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County.  

Dedicated to working for the common good is how Reed is often described for his deep devotion to civic engagement and youth development. In 2014, he was inducted into the YMCA Black Adult Achievers Program, which recognizes the talents of professionals of color who are successful in their careers. As an Achiever, Reed helps teens of color set educational and career goals through facilitating academic support, career exploration, college preparation and leadership development. 

Reed was recently selected for the 2015 Masters Series for Distinguished Leaders, a nationally recognized leadership program that recognizes fellows who are morally anchored, service oriented and committed to making a difference in society despite the personal sacrifice or the challenges faced. Reed has demonstrated great leadership within the City of Milwaukee, being appointed to the Black Male Advisory Council by Mayor Tom Barrett in 2015. He also serves as the chair of the Emergency Food and Shelter Board and has been a long serving board member. Reed and is now treasurer for the Milwaukee Area Workforce Funding Alliance.  

Reed received his Bachelor of Science degree from Upper Iowa University in 2005 and earned his Master’s Degree in Systems Management from Cardinal Stritch University in 2011.


Distinguished Alumni Award for Professional Achievement

Dr. Cynthia Foronda, M.S. Nursing, ’03

Cynthia Foronda, Ph.D., R.N., C.NE., is an assistant professor in the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing. She specializes in nurse education, online teaching and learning, and virtual simulation. A nationally recognized expert on patient virtual simulation, Foronda has won three national teaching awards for her innovative and creative online teaching including two Blackboard Exemplary Course Awards (2012, 2013) and the 2012 Sloan-C Excellence in Online Teaching Award.  

Her impressive scholarship includes several sponsored research projects, multiple national and international presentations on virtual simulation and twelve peer-reviewed journal articles.  Foronda is currently researching use of virtual simulation to improve interprofessional communication skills. She serves on the editorial board for Clinical Simulation in Nursing and Nursing Educator. She has experience teaching internationally and has an interest in working in developing countries.  

Foronda facilitated a professional development program for Stritch nursing faculty in the summer of 2014. 

Foronda received a Bachelor of Science degree from the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Nursing, Master of Science degree from Cardinal Stritch University and her Ph.D. in Nursing from Marquette University. 


Spirit of St. Francis Service Award: Alumni Service

Lori Craig, B.S. Business Administration, ’92, M.S. Business Management, '09

Lori Craig, senior vice president and market executive with PNC Bank, oversees the team of wealth management professionals assigned to each client. Through Craig’s leadership and the work of her team, clients benefit from investment, trust, financial planning and private banking services.

Craig joined PNC Bank in July 2010 as the market executive for Wisconsin. Prior to PNC, Craig was senior vice president and wealth strategist with Northern Trust in Milwaukee. She has more than 25 years of experience in the financial services industry, with 14 years of experience specifically in wealth management.

Craig is an adjunct faculty member in Cardinal Stritch University’s College of Business and Management and serves as chair of its advisory council.  She is also is past chair of the Stritch Alumni Association Board of Directors, a board she served for 7 years. 

Craig holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and a Master’s Degree in Management from Cardinal Stritch University.

She is an active member in the community and serves on a number of not-for-profit boards, including the UWM Foundation, Go Red for Women, chair of Executive Leadership Team at Marcus Center for the Performing Arts, and the Milwaukee Jewish Museum.  She is also on a number of advisory boards including the United Performing Arts Fund Campaign Cabinet, Make a Difference Wisconsin, Milwaukee Women Inc. Steering Committee, and the Milwaukee Area Technical College Paralegal Program.  She is a member of the Delta Mu Delta Business Honors Society.

Craig has two adult children — one in Chicago one in Milwaukee.


Spirit of St. Francis Service Award: University Supporter

James Langenkamp, M.D.

Dr. James Langenkamp served as the team doctor for the Cardinal Stritch University athletic department from 1994 until August of 2014.  In this role, he visited athletes weekly, presented student clinics on various health topics, worked with coaches, and offered medical consultation on various injuries and preventative medicine. 

Langenkamp made himself available for special requests and often assisted students who might have difficulty with medical contacts and processing.  He continues to stay close to the athletes he has worked with over the years, attending weddings and other social gatherings.  

Langenkamp is a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon who recently retired from private practice.  He received his Bachelor’s Degree from Marquette University, and earned his Medical Degree from the University of Wisconsin Medical School.  He served as a lieutenant commander in the U.S. Navy from 1973-1980. 

Jim and his wife, Vida, have three adult children and are very active in the community.  


The Mother Bartholomew, OSF Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr. Anthea Bojar, B.A. History, '69

Dr. Anthea Bojar is an educator, leader, author and consultant. A former K-12 teacher, deputy superintendent and curriculum director, her distinguished career at Cardinal Stritch University began in 1972 as an adjunct professor.  She became a full-time professor in 1975 and held several positions within the College of Education and Leadership before she was named dean in 1997, a position she held until 2010.  From 2010 until 2014 she served as executive vice president for academic affairs. Upon her retirement in August 2014, she was granted status as dean emerita of the College of Education and Leadership by the Cardinal Stritch University Board of Trustees. 

From her first days on campus as a student in the 1960s, “Tia Rosati” exhibited leadership skills that were honed over the years and served her well. Bojar models and mentors others in effective strategies in her work.  She has presented and consulted nationally and internationally. She has facilitated strategic planning in numerous non and for profit organizations.  Bojar has co-authored a book with Dr. Nancy Stanford Blair and Dr. Michael Dickmann on Brain Compatible Leadership Strategies.  

Bojar received her Bachelor’s Degree in History from Cardinal Stritch University, Master’s Degree in Curriculum and History from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Ph.D. in Educational Administration from Marquette University.  She has served on the boards of non-for-profit organizations including the St. Francis Activity and Achievement Center, Nativity Jesuit Middle School, St. Joan Antida High School, and the Milwaukee Academy of Science.  Other service commitments include: Milwaukee Public Schools Accountability and Support Group, Greater Milwaukee Catholic Education Consortium, Milwaukee Area Deans and the Design Board for Cristo Rey Jesuit High School Milwaukee.  

Bojar is married to a Stritch alumnus, Wayne Bojar, ’76.  She is also a mother of one son, mother-in-law and grandmother. She has 10 brothers and sisters and 106 additional relatives that include brothers- and sisters- in-law, nieces and nephews, and grand nieces and nephews.  

When she is not busy with her professional commitments and her family, Bojar serves as a volunteer mentor to young professionals. 

Recipients by Category:

Eve Hall '09  2017
Michael Hostad '10  2016
Shannon Reed '11 2015
Sarah Marie Berndt '04 2014
Raquel M. Filmanowicz '03  2013
Samantha Erschen '09 '11 2012
Molly D. Shiffler, Ed.D. '04 2012
Joel Rechlitz '04  2011
Catherine Bordeau '04 2010
Ellen Vander Heyden '01 2010
Terri Rocole '01 2010
Justina Shaw '06 2010
Jose Perez '99 2009
Elaine Maly '00 2009
John Kordsmeier '84 2016
Lori Craig '92, '09 2015
Gerald Coon '08, '11            2014
Sister Jane M. Nesmith, SBS, '88 2013
Rev. Gerri Sheets-Howard '06 2012
Winston Sharpe Jr. '11  2012
Rev. Alice Belcher, '98 2011
Lisa Calderone-Stewart, Ed.D. '02 2011
Sherrie Tussler '97  2010
Brother Bede Baldry '80 2009
Sister Agnessine Veteska '68 2009
Anthony Burns '82 2005
Rev. Robert Carney Jr. '90 2004
Rosemarie Voros '48 2003
Ester Johnson '86  2002
Carolyn Parker '93 '01 2002
Betty Womack '01 2002
Jose Avila '92 2000
Dr. Gregory Frost '81 1999
Susan Feider Kelly '77, '80 1998
Joan Staeven '83 1997
Norman Wichman '86 1996
Michele Matter '93 1995
Elizabeth Brunner '83, '89 1994
Alice Laukert '74 1993
Julie Byrnes Enslow '62 1992
Marcelline Weinsheim '57 1991
Margaret Flahive '80, '02 1990
Maureen Sadoff '84 1989
Antoinette Carini '84 1988
Rosemary Hinkfuss '54 1987
Dr. James Langenkamp 2015
Marlene Lauwasser 2014
Dr. Barbara Loberg '89 2013
Sara Bayer '05 '10 2011
Harold James "Jim" Anderson '85 '87 2010
Joseph T. Larscheid Sr. 2005
Mary Cieslak-Duchek 2005
Kurt Strenke '91 2004
Nancy Kendall '87 2003
Father Timothy Coday '92 2000
Sister Julitta Fisch '39 1999
Thomas Bergen '90, '93 1998
Anthony Shields '87 1997
Jean Donovan '82 1996
Felicia Rosland '83 1995
Margaret McManus '53 1994
Alice Laukert '74 1993
Mark Van Nuland '86 1992
Eileen Conklin '50 1991
Richard Balge '84 1990
Richard Gonzalez '73, '75 1989
Dr. Anthea Bojar '69 1988
Sharon Durtka '59 1987
Elaine Dyer, '85 2016
Peter Engel, '83 2016
Dr. Cynthia Foronda '03 2015
Brian King '88 2014
James Lindenberg '93  2014
Pamela A. Larde, Ph.D., '09 2013
James T. Alfred '96 2012
Souheil Badran '88, '97 2012
Kieran Antill '03   2011
Kelly A. Brown '07 '09    2011
Father Dr. Thomas Maikowski '74  2010
Dr. Don Grady '87 '88 2009
Ruth Hovland '97 2005
Nannette Hegerty '85 2004
Dr. Michael Downey '80 2004
Wayne Molstad '79 2003
Martyna Ryder Bellessis '63 2002
Sister Florence Deacon '68 2001
Dr. Patricia Cianciolo '49 2000
Gerard Wolf '86 1999
Ardis Koeller '79, '83 1998
Dorsey Kendrick '84 1997
Brother Stephen Braddock '93, '94 1997
Joy Bliss '90 1996
Carl Burtner '92 1995
Joan Plum '83 1994
Valerie Daniels-Carter '83 1993
Linda Cook '90 1992
Brigid O’Donnell '70 1991
Robert Sullivan '74 1990
Joanne Cubbs '77 1989
Sister Sheila Haskett '55 1988
William Everett '70 1987
Sr. Justine Peter, OSF, '50 2016
Anthea Bojar, '69 2015
Jeanette Mitchell, '01 2014

College of Arts and Sciences Alumni Award

John C. Eastberg '93 2007
Sandra A. McCabe '66 2006

College of Business and Management Alumni Award

Craig Lambrecht '92 2007
Phyllis Schaefer '91, '93 2007
Mildred Leigh-Gold '99 2006

College of Education and Leadership Award

Raejean Kanter '85 2007
Barbara Palmer '70, '76 2006
Tyra Stokes 2006

Ruth S. Coleman College of Nursing Alumni Award

Darcie Greuel '98, '06 2007
Lynda Gruenewald-Schmitz '03 2006

Spirit of St. Francis Award

Patricia Josten '00 2007
Brother Patrick McCormack '89 2006
Father James E. Lobacz '86        2005
Dr. Sally Martin Egge '70 2004
Sister Joanne Marie Kliebhan 2003
Sister Jessine Reiss 2002
Dr. Dickson K Smith, Ph D 2002
Dr. Zaiga Kalnins 2001
Dr. Art Wasserman 2001
Rev. Dr. Trinette McCray 2000
Bob Weissenborn 1999
Dr. Daniel Di Domizio 1998
Sister Adele Thibaudeau '67 1997
Dr. Robert Flahive 1996
Sister Lucille Walsh '40 1995
Sister Lucilda Sewald '42 1994
Mary Ann Mosley '87 1993
Sister Camille Kliebhan 1992
Sister Frederick Lochemes 1991
Sister Coletta Dunn '60 1990
Sister Lourdette Van Driel 1989
Sister Ruth Lawler '42 1988
Sister Justine Peter '50 1987