Mission, Vision, Philosophy

The mission of the Leadership Center is to prepare and sustain leaders who are catalysts for positive transformation of individuals, organizations, and communities.

Our work is intentional, giving opportunity and access to leaders across sectors. We foster courage, service, innovation, and creativity so that leaders become better able to craft a brighter, more sustainable future for themselves, their organizations, and communities by bridging the gap between what is and what can be.

The Leadership Center helps people develop and sustain their leadership from the inside out, aligning values, purpose, and practice. The values that guide our work are: inclusion, compassion, community, respect, and peacemaking.

Our Vision and Goal

Our vision is to become the best leadership and professional development resource in Southeastern Wisconsin.

Our goal is to become a nationally-recognized center that offers a comprehensive system for leadership development, renewal, and innovation.

Our Philosophy

We view leadership as helping others achieve a compelling moral purpose that improves the human condition. Our programs are based around the following principles:

Leading Self

Effective leaders are grounded in self-awareness and clarity of purpose. They know their core values and understand what compels their professional calling. They align those core values with leadership action, modeling moral integrity and intent.

Leading Learning Organizations

Effective leaders understand their influence in helping others find purpose through collective learning. They build positive, respectful relationships and high-performing teams by growing talent, inspiring shared vision, capitalizing on diversity, and reframing conflict. They move beyond improvement to creativity and innovation.

Leading to Serve

Effective leadership promotes the transformation of self, organizations, and systems to create a culture of service. They have the mind and soul of a servant leader. They build shared vision by co-creating the future. Effective leaders adopt an attitude of serving others first to meet their needs along with those of the organization and the greater society.