Literacy Centers

Through its Literacy Centers, Stritch aims to provide access to functional, lifetime literacy for students in Milwaukee, regardless of cultural, economic, linguistic, or biological factors.

The Literacy Centers offer comprehensive literacy assessment and intervention services for students in grades K-12.

We have helped students succeed since 1943, through applying research-based strategies tailored to their strengths, needs, and ongoing progress.


  • Stritch main campus, 6801 N. Yates Road, Milwaukee
  • Stritch City Center, 1037 W. McKinley Ave., Milwaukee
  • Hampton School, 5000 N. 53rd St., Milwaukee
  • Lincoln Center of the Arts, 820 E. Knapp St., Milwaukee
  • Vincent High School, 7501 North Granville Road, Milwaukee

Individualized Attention

The program offers individualized intervention plans built from research-based best practices in phonological awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, writing, and study skills. All students are taught in groups of 1-3 by graduate literacy professionals or Stritch undergraduate and graduate students.

All curriculum is based on basic literacy instruction and engaged motivation, through inspiring self-confidence and success as a reader.