Faith Formation Team Training

Forming the Faculty, Building the Culture in Catholic Schools

Keeping Catholic schools strong depends on keeping our Catholic identity strong. Those who work in Catholic schools must have ongoing formation in the faith of the Church. This vital task is something that the principal cannot do alone. It is important that schools have shared leadership to promote growth in faith, so that members of the school staff may most effectively carry out the mission of Catholic education.

The Faith Formation Team Training (FFTT) program is a spring semester program to form leaders who are prepared to strengthen the Catholic culture and identity of their schools. Teams are trained to work with the spiritual needs of adult colleagues as they develop a faith community among the faculty. Participants learn how to develop and implement a systematic, intentional plan of adult faith formation for the staff.

The FFTT program is intended to complement and complete the Sustaining the Mission program for religious education certification. STM provides educators with knowledge of Catholic content. FFTT takes the next step to help local faith formation teams shape the Catholic culture and identity of their schools.

Since 2009, the FFTT program has served 232 Catholic school teachers, administrators, and staff from 43 Catholic elementary and secondary schools in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. The program is delivered on the main campus of Cardinal Stritch University from January through May each year. It is recommended that each school register an adult formation team comprised of 3-7 representatives from faculty, administration, and staff.


The FFTT Program Partnership

The FFTT program has been developed through a dynamic collaboration between five local institutions of Catholic higher learning (Alverno College, Cardinal Stritch University, Marian University, Marquette University and Mount Mary College) and the Archdiocesan Office of Schools.

It is coordinated by the Saint Clare Center for Catholic Life at Cardinal Stritch University.


Program Structure

This adult formation program involves four key components.


COMPONENT A: Orientation and Introduction to the FFTT Program.  January.  This component is delivered online as a webinar.

COMPONENT B: Initial Retreat. January.  A day-long retreat at Cardinal Stritch University engages participants in reflection and dialogue related to important questions about faith formation and community.

COMPONENT C: Core Program. February - April.  Five Thursday evening sessions at Cardinal Stritch University provide training in various elements of faculty faith formation: Discipleship, Community, Tradition, Ministry, Prayer. Participants are led through a process of setting goals and selecting strategies for their faith formation plan.

COMPONENT D: Conclusion - Presentation of Plans. May.  Individual school plans are presented and receive feedback. In addition, this day will serve to reinforce what has been learned throughout the program in order to support teams in the successful implementation of their adult faith formation plan.



Cardinal Stritch University has approved credit for this program if desired.  Participants may choose to earn 2 graduate credits by completing all components of the FFTT program and writing a series of reflection papers.



Participant schools are charged $105 for each employee that they enroll in the FFTT program (i.e. a school team of four will cost a school $420).

An additional charge of $170 per credit will be billed to individual participants who elect to earn graduate credit for the FFTT program. (This represents a 75% discount from the normal graduate school course fees.)