Parish Adult Education Programs

Programs to Enrich the Faith of Everyday Catholics

In the document Our Hearts Were Burning Within Us, the U.S. Catholic Bishops remind us that adult faith formation must be situated not at the periphery of the Church’s educational mission, but at its center.  Many parishes, though, feel they need support and partners to help them to deliver adult religious education.  Parishes looking for quality adult education programming can collaborate with the Saint Clare Center to bring in speakers on a variety of topics.

The Saint Clare Center has delivered parish programming in multiple places throughout the Archdiocese, in both English and Spanish.  Program format, schedule, and topics can be customized to meet the needs of each parish.  Past presentations include:

  • A Catholic Understanding of the Bible
  • Life in Christ: Being a Disciple in the Modern World
  • Why the Mass is Important for Catholics
  • Beyond Stress: Reclaiming Our Sabbath
  • Called and Gifted: The Importance of Lay People in the Church

For more information, or to schedule a consultation at your parish, contact Michael Taylor at (414) 410-4353, or