Saint Clare Catechist Academy

The Saint Clare Catechist Academy supports parish catechists by providing engaging, high quality religious education for adults.

Passing on our Catholic faith to the next generation by serving as a catechist is a vitally important task. It is also a wonderful opportunity to develop relationships with students, and to grow in one's own faith. Like all lay ministers, catechists both need and deserve high quality formation.

The Saint Clare Catechist Academy offers four 10 hour modules that together constitute a full program for Basic Certification. If a cluster or district wants to offer a full program for certification, these four modules can be spread over four semesters or four years. Each of the four modules includes content, related methods, and spiritual formation.

  1. Foundations of Faith
  2. What You Need to Know about Scripture
  3. Liturgy, Prayer, and Spirituality
  4. Creed, Church, and Morality

Foundations of Faith

“Foundations of Faith” is a 10 hour program for catechists that provides a basic foundation of knowledge. It is the first of four parts of a systematic program for Basic Religious Education Certification, but it can also be offered as a stand-alone program.

Topics covered include

  • Scripture: The Word of God Proclaimed
  • The Creed: The Faith Professed
  • The Sacraments: The Faith Celebrated
  • Christian Morality: The Faith Lived
  • Prayer: The Faith Prayed
  • Formation: Called to Be a Catechist
  • Teaching Methods: Passing On the Faith

Foundations of Faith is approved for the following clock hours at the Basic level: 1.5 hours of Scripture, 6.0 hours of Theology, and 3.0 hours of Methods/Psychology.

Program Dates

  • Foundations of Faith can be delivered over the course of two or three Saturdays, or over the course of several evenings.
  • This program can be hosted by districts or clusters.

For more information, contact Michael Taylor at or at 414-410-4353.