Lifetime Learners

For busy working adults, a college degree can often seem like an impossible dream.

But there is a way for working adults to earn a degree that will give them the skills and knowledge essential in the business world, and where small class sizes and supportive staff make this dream possible.

Cardinal Stritch University’s Lifetime Learners program offers a unique approach to providing higher education, practical job skills, and hope to working adults in Metro Milwaukee.

Students earn an Associate of Science in Business degree through Stritch’s College of Business and Management. This degree prepares them to go on to complete a four year degree in the major of their choice.


The program is offered at the Greentree/Teutonia Community Learning Center, 3744 W. Greentree Road, in Milwaukee.


  • Classes two nights a week from 6-8 p.m.
  • Small class sizes.
  • On-site child care.
  • Access to an on-site computer lab.
  • Assistance from supportive on-site staff.
  • The core curriculum is structured sequentially, with students taking one course at a time.
  • Faculty members are practitioners in their field, providing real-world views related to business.
  • Group interaction and weekly study group meetings for mutual support and the development of efficient problem-solving skills.


Class topics covered are:

  • Fundamentals of Written Communications, which focuses on students who need review of or further practice in the basics of writing before they take Introduction to Written Communication.
  • American Free Enterprise System, where students receive an overview of trends in the economic environment, including business formation options, fundamentals of marketing, etc.
  • Human Resource Management, which develops an awareness of human resources and their management, and its impact on productivity.
  • Business Law, which provides a fundamental understanding of the legal aspects of how businesses must operate.
  • Accounting, which provides an overview of the accounting process, presenting the nature of accounting information and how it is used in managerial decision-making.
  • Liberal arts courses include western civilization, mathematics, social studies, and ethics.
  • Students receive financial aid workshops, assistance with the admission process, and the full-time, on-site program director maintains regular contact with them as they progress through their classes. Lifetime Learners also helps with issues such as time-management, study skills, and effective job-hunting techniques.

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