Research Guides

Citation Guides

Citation Guides

Brief guides prepared by the Cardinal Stritch University Library illustrating basic formatting and common citation examples.

PDF icon 24x24 APA 6th edition citation guide

PDF icon 24x24 APA - Digital Object Identifiers & Publisher URLs

PDF icon 24x24 MLA 8th edition citation guide

PDF icon 24x24 Chicago/Turabian citation guide

Copyright and Plagiarism

Copyright for Students
In using copyrighted works (e.g. journal articles, books, etc.) for study or research you are expected to observe certain legal and ethical guidelines. This guide is intended to point out important aspects of copyright and how it affects your use of copyrighted works.
Avoiding Plagiarism
Provides tips for avoiding plagiarism and examples of the types of sources that should be cited.

Library Accounts and Access

PDF icon 24x24Setting up your library accounts
The guide describes setting up My Library Account and an ILLiad interlibrary loan account.

Library Resources

What are Annotated Bibliographies?
An annotated bibliography is an alphabetical list of citations with an additional description or evaluation (i.e., annotation) for each source. Here you'll learn about the elements of an annotated bibliography and see examples of how they're formatted.
What are Primary and Secondary Resources?
This guide outlines the differences between primary and secondary sources and gives several examples of each.
Research Strategy: Tips for planning and conducting your research.
Forming a comprehensive strategy for your research is an important part of being successful in your work. Our brief guide will give you a step by step process to forming a quality research strategy.
What are Scholarly Articles?
What makes an article considered scholarly? What are the differences between academic journals, popular magazines, professional journals, trade publications and newspapers? This guide will provide examples of the differences between the content of scholarly and popular journals.

Searching Library Resources

PDF icon 24x24Choosing keywords
Research guide covering how to brainstorm and use keywords when searching a library database or catalog.
PDF icon 24x24Citation searching
A citation consists of the information needed to retrieve a particular item, such as a book or journal article. Learn how to find a particular item when starting with a citation.
PDF icon 24x24Finding dissertations
This brief guide illustrates how to search the ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Global database, which provides full text content to thousands of dissertations and theses worldwide.
Tips for searching and refining results in the SAGE Premium Publications Online database.
PDF icon 24x24Searching multiple EBSCO databases
How to select and search multiple EBSCO databases at one time.
PDF icon 24x24Searching the IMC (Instructional Materials Collection)
This guide covers how IMC materials are classified and shelved in the Cardinal Stritch University Library. It also provides helpful tips for searching and limiting results in this special collection.