NoodleTools Online Citation and Notetaking Tool

NoodleTools login buttonWhat is NoodleTools?
NoodleTools is a new online citation management and note-taking tool. NoodleTools includes the ability to create citations in APA, MLA, and Chicago/Turabian Styles. NoodleTools is web based, so there is nothing to install on your computer and your saved work can be accessed from anywhere you have a web connection.
Generated bibliographies and note cards can be directly exported to Microsoft Word.
How do I create an account in NoodleTools?
  1. Start at the NoodleTools login page
  2. Click "Create a Personal ID."
  3. Fill in the new user registration information
  4. Click submit and you are ready to use NoodleTools!
What is my Personal ID?
In NoodleTools, your work is stored in a personal folder. Your Personal ID (and password) is your key to your personal folder. It identifies you uniquely, and allows you to access your personal folder from any computer that has Internet access and a Web browser.
IMPORTANT: Your personal ID is NOT THE SAME as your CSU or TOPCAT username/password!
NoodleTools HelpNoodleTools Help button
Search the NoodleTools Knowledge base, download the NoodleTools Users Guide, watch tutorials, or submit a citation question.