Nursing Theorists

Nursing Theorists Overview

"Nursing theories and models provide information about: definitions of nursing and nursing practice, principles that form the basis for practice, and goals and functions of nursing."

-- Wesley, R. L. (1995). Nursing theories and models. Springhouse, PA: Springhouse Corporation. (page 2)

Abdellah, Faye Glenn
Twenty-One Nursing Problems
Benner, Patricia
Novice to Expert Model
Boykin, Anne & Schoenhofer, Savina O.
Nursing As Caring
Fitzpatrick, Joyce J.
Rhythm Model
Hall, Lydia E.
Core, Care, and Cure Model
Henderson, Virginia
Definition of Nursing
Johnson, Dorothy
Behavioral System Model
King, Imogene
General System Framework
Kolcaba, Katharine
Theory of Comfort
Leininger, Madeleine
Theory of Cultural Care, Diversity and Universality
Levine, Myra
Conservation Model
Mercer, Ramona T.
Maternal Role Attainment
Neuman, Betty
Systems Model
Newman, Margaret
Theory of Health as Expanding Consciousness
Nightingale, Florence
Environmental Adaptation Theory
Orem, Dorothea
Self-Care Framework
Orlando, Ida Jean
Theory of the Nursing Process Discipline
Parse, Rosemarie
Theory of Human Becoming
Pender, Nola J.
Health Promotion Model
Peplau, Hildegard
Theory of Interpersonal Relations
Rogers, Martha
Science of Unitary Human Beings
Roper, Nancy , Logan, Winifred W. , Tierney, Alison J.
The Elements of Nursing: A Model for Nursing Based on a Model of Living
Roy, Callista
Adaptation Model
Travelbee, Joyce
Human-To-Human Relationship Model
Watson, Jean
Theory of Human Caring
Wiedenbach, Ernestine
The Helping Art of Clinical Nursing