Services for the Public

Use of the Cardinal Stritch University Library and resources and services is focused on our registered students, faculty, and staff. Community users whose needs for use reflect the educational mission of the Library are also welcome to enjoy a limited set of privileges.

  • Physical access to the public areas of the library facility (with the exception of study rooms) during posted hours of operation.
  • Use of library materials within the facility.
  • Circulation of library materials with the purchase of a Community Library Card.
  • General facility use support and quick ready reference from service points in the library.
  • Free access to the open wireless computing zone through the public areas of the library and on campus.
  • Access to most licensed online resources (only on campus or in library via personal computer and wireless access zone.)


The following services are limited to our primary learning community of current students, faculty, and staff:

  • Printing Services
  • Study Rooms
  • Detail Reference Assistance and scheduled research consultations
  • Equipment Loans
  • University computers (Unless you are related to a SWITCH consortium institution)


As a way for you to share in the responsibility of these services being offered to our visitor community patrons we ask you to do the following:

  • Sign printed Guest Card found near the main service desk as you enter the library.
  • Pay special attention to our facility use and behavior guidelines as our guests.
  • Follow all directions and requests presented to you by authorized library and university staff.

Library Card

Persons 18 years of age or older, who are not faculty, students, staff, or alumni of Cardinal Stritch University, may have limited borrowing privileges for the annual fee of $40.

Library cards are valid for one year from the date of issue. Lost or stolen cards should be reported immediately. There is a $5 processing charge for replacement cards. Card holders must present their library card and a photo ID to borrow materials. Borrowers are responsible for all materials checked out on their library card. Library cards are not transferable. Card holders, by signing the application, are agreeing to observe Cardinal Stritch University Library policies. Failure to abide by all regulations can result in withdrawal of borrowing privileges. There is no automatic continuation of these privileges. Patrons must re-apply and pay the annual fee for each continuing year that they want library services.

Loan Rules

Card holders may have up to 5 items checked out at one time with their community borrower card. Most books from the collection have a 28 day circulation period, which will be indicated on your date due receipt upon check out. Most items can be renewed once if now hold has been placed on the time by another patron. Card holders may also use other print materials in the library including reference books, periodicals, newspapers, and microforms. Nonpayment of fines will result in permanent withdrawal of borrowing privileges. More information is available on the Loan Rules & Fines page.


Cardinal Stritch University is a member of a consortium called SWITCH that shares library resources among a number of private colleges in Southeastern Wisconsin. The Community Borrowing Card provides you with access to the general print collections that are searchable in our online union catalog called TOPCAT. In addition to the specific material restrictions listed below, there may be other special or local collections or formats that are also restricted from use with this card.

Procedures for obtaining a borrowers card

  1. Fill out an application and return to the library with payment for the annual fee of $40.

Cardinal Stritch University
Attn: Library Circulation
6801 N. Yates Rd.
Milwaukee, WI 53217

  1. A Community Borrower Card will be prepared and sent to you by mail within 5 business days.