Library Instruction


The reference librarians teach on-campus library instruction/information literacy classes that are classes that are subject/discipline specific, assignment specific, or general (generic). Faculty members are invited to request library instruction for their classes, and presentations include reference tools, electronic resources, search strategies, and/or any other library instruction that is requested.

Ideally library instruction is scheduled when students have assignments that require them to use library resources, since library instruction is more meaningful when it is relevant and course-integrated.

Scheduling classes

Classes are scheduled, if possible, at least one week in advance to allow for proper preparation and classroom availability. It is recommended that teaching faculty arrange for library instruction as early as possible to avoid any scheduling conflicts or delays. Instructors are required to be present for any library instruction and are strongly encouraged to be engaged during library instruction sessions; sign-in sheets cannot be distributed or collected by the librarians.

Collaboration between faculty and librarians is encouraged in planning a library research component. Students benefit from such collaboration, since the librarian can address their specific research needs and can insure adequate materials and information are available for class assignments.

Distance Education Classes

Reference librarians teach "off-campus"(distance education) library instruction/information literacy classes that are subject/discipline specific, assignment specific, or general (generic). These distance education related sessions may be taught:

  1. Via web conference
  2. Synchronous or asynchronous offerings in the Canvas Learning Management System.

How to use this service

If your class needs assistance, please arrange for library instruction by contacting your department's library liaison. Contact Us

The director and reference librarians may also substitute teach for each other in the event of illness, schedule conflicts, etc.