316 Reading Teacher Certification/MA Language and Literacy

The M.A. in Language and Literacy degree program, originally founded in 1956, was one of Stritch’s and the nation’s first graduate degrees to respond to the need for well-prepared teachers and specialists in reading.

Apply Now to this ProgramThe Reading Teacher (316) K-12 Certification is a 20-credit, graduate-level program offered through the Department of Language and Literacy. The coursework for the Reading Teacher certification is intended to prepare teachers to provide focused and intensive instruction for small groups of children, especially those who struggle with literacy development in grades K-12. Teachers can immediately apply the knowledge and skills gained from their coursework to their present classroom situations.

Themes embedded throughout the program include:

  • Consideration of the unique academic, cultural, linguistic, socio-economic backgrounds that students bring to their learning when teachers are planning, instructing and assessing in the classroom.
  • Focus on language as the tool that teachers use to instruct and that children use to convey their understandings of the world, as well as the content of learning.
  • Consistent use of research to inform practice.
  • Analytic and developmental view for determining and providing literacy instruction

Standards and Program Outcomes
The program is connected to the International Reading Association’s Standards for Reading Professionals and aligned with INTASC Teacher Standards. See individual syllabi for course-related standards that are tied to program outcomes and assessment criteria.

Pathway to the Master Degree in Literacy and Reading Specialist (17) License

Master of Arts Degree in Literacy

  • All credits earned upon completion of 316 coursework directly apply toward a Master of Arts Degree in Literacy. An additional 10 credits are required for the master degree. The start date of the MA program is dependent upon student enrollment numbers. Although the goal is to begin MA coursework immediately following the completion of the 316 program, this is not always possible. Action Research involves conducting research related to literacy, writing a manuscript, and presenting the research project (oral comprehensive examination). The following courses are required for the Master of Arts Degree in Literacy degree:
    • Statistics and Introduction to Research
    • Supervision (4 credits)
    • Action Research (2 credits)

Reading Specialist (17) License
Upon completion of the Master Degree, a three credit course is offered for Reading Specialist (17) license.