Alumna Joan Pope reflects on time at Stritch

Thursday, December 20, 2012 9:25:00 PM

Joan (Schaffer) Pope, ’67 was a member of one of the first graduating classes at Stritch’s then-new campus in Fox Point/Glendale, after the school had moved from its original St. Francis, Wis. location. This letter was submitted by Joan as she reflected back on those years on the “new” campus.

My name is Joan Schaffer Pope. I was surprised to see the Summer 2012 issue of the Stritch Magazine and also a picture of myself, my friend Sherry McCluskey and Sister Leandra Eckelkamp, OSF on page 19. I am a retired teacher of thirty years. I have many fine memories of Stritch. I was in the first class at the new building and at that time there were only young girls and postulants attending. The year was 1962. I’ll share some memories with you of my time as a student:

I was a history and education major. My first year I had Sister Nivard and I’ll always remember her kindness and gentility (I still have my Latin books). Sister Justine Peter, OSF was my history professor and we have continued to keep in touch after I graduated. She’s a sweetheart! I remember being told I did very well on my blue book test (I really studied hard for that test). I don’t know if Stritch tests students on their major that way now. I also had Sister Camille Kliebhan, OSF for class and she was always so kind and soft spoken. I enjoyed art, studied for botany and zoology tests and attended labs. I took a couple of unique classes such as archery and piano (archery was held outside of course)! I also remember wearing long black gowns and hats for assemblies. 

I was a day student so I commuted every day with a friend. When we had a break between classes you could find me studying in our library or in the “day lounge” conversing with friends, playing cards or eating lunch.

After graduating from Stritch, I married a man from Shorewood, Wis. We have two daughters, Rebecca and Christina and five grandchildren. I write poetry and enjoy painting. I also exchange my art with the Global art Project every other year. Some exchanges were with South Korea, Canada, Germany, California, etc. My husband Ed and I have been through the Panama Canal – South America, many islands, Mexico and five countries in Europe plus Canada. We also have been through most of the United States. I believe I’ve been very lucky to have been a student at Cardinal Stritch University. God bless all the professors, teachers and students.


Joan (Schaffer) Pope, ’67