New campus posting policy to take effect

Saturday, October 6, 2012 6:55:00 PM

In response to increasing levels of concern about the numbers of flyers on campus, the Student Affairs Committee recently approved a new posting policy for campus buildings.

The committee, a governance group comprised of faculty, staff, and students, was alerted to a number of concerns. Because of the sheer number of flyers, often for the same event, members of the Stritch community expressed “poster fatigue” and were having a difficult time finding information important to them.  

The amount of paper also had become inconsistent with Stritch’s environmental values, as the previous posting policy was written long before the digital monitors were a reality. The change in policy takes into account the installation of the digital monitors around campus.

This policy change is also taking place in conjunction with the new StritchNews section of the redesigned, which went live on Oct. 8.  Specific landing pages now exist for both students and university employees, making the university news and events most relevant to each audience only one click away. This new communications vehicle allows for the dynamic display of content – text, photos, videos, etc. – and utilizes the improved navigation and information architecture of the site.

Under the new policy, all posters and flyers will be submitted to the Student Development/Dean of Students office for approval. Approved flyers and posters will be put in designated posting areas, mostly on bulletin boards. As part of a more coordinated effort between print and digital displays, posters submitted to the Dean of Students office can be placed on the StritchNews events calendar and also placed on the digital monitors when appropriate. The policy is available in MyStritch under the Stritch Resources tab (login required). 

The recommended posting policy was shared with Student Government Association leadership, Student Development, deans, University Communications, and the administrative cabinet.  While the University transitions into this new policy, a student worker will post all flyers. 

Any questions regarding the posting policy can be directed to Chris Robinson, vice president of student development/dean of students, at Questions regarding the digital monitors can be directed to