October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Thursday, September 19, 2013 7:45:00 PM

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, and the Office of Information Services will conduct various training sessions (online and in-person).

The sessions will cover a wide range of topics to empower all users to be safe and confident with their every day use of technology. Attend a session and you'll have a chance to win an iPad2! To learn more about cyber security visit the OIS Resources webpage. 

Week 1: How to Spot Phishing  
October 19:30AMBH 038
October 23:00PMBH038
October 39:30AM*Online
Week 2 & 3: Securing Your Computer  
October 72:00PMBH 038
October 119:00AMBH 038
October 152:00PM*Online
October 161:30PMBH 038
Week 4: Social Media  
October 229:00AMBH 038
October 2312:00PM*Online
October 243:00PMBH 038
Week 5: Being Secure While Mobile  
October 283:00PM*Online
October 302:00PMBH 038
October 3111:00AMBH 038

*Indicates an online training using Blackboard Collaborate. If you're interested in attending an online session you will need to register by sending an email to You will then be sent an email invite, in which you can log into the session up to 15 minutes prior to the training. All technical questions related to Blackboard Collaborate should be directed to the Help Desk at ext. 4600.

Blackboard Collaborate Training Sessions
Due to the increasing needs of online meetings, classes, and virtual workspace, the Office of Information Services is now offering Blackboard Collaborate training sessions to all faculty and staff. 

September 2510:00 - 11:00AMBH 0106
October 92:00 - 3:00PMBH 0106
October 3010:00 - 11:00AMBH 0106
November 141:30 - 2:30PMBH 0106
December 113:00 - 4:00PMBH 0106

Classroom Technology Training Sessions
This training will walk through the basic how-to’s of the technology in the newly renovated classrooms, as well as the older classrooms. Learn how to control the projector settings, navigate between sources within the classroom, connect your laptop, USB, and utilize the document cameras in the classrooms. 

Date TimeLocation
September 139:30 - 10:00AMDS 112
September 249:30 - 10:00AMDS 109
September 262:30 - 3:00PMDS 109
October 109:00 - 9:30AMDS 112
November 69:00 - 9:30AMDS 112
December 101:30 - 2:00PMDS 109

Basic Smart Board Training Sessions
For those individuals who want to learn the basic skills needed to utilize the Smart Boards around campus. This course will ease you into how to orient the Smart Board, utilize the tools, write and save notes, and understand the Notebook software that works hand-in-hand with the Smart Board.

October 169:00 - 10:00AMBH 046
November 182:30 - 3:30PMBH 033
December 59:00 - 10:00AMBH 046

Information Services Security Training Sessions
This training is designed to help you understand basic security awareness issues and resolutions regarding technology use on campus. Email attentiveness, phishing, cookies, and general security tips will be discussed.
An online tutorial has been created if you cannot attend in person. Location:

October 810:30 - 11:30AMBH 038
November 123:00 - 4:00PMBH 004
December 109:30 - 10:30AMBH 038

Windows 7 & Microsoft 2010 Training Sessions
As the Windows 7 & Microsoft Office 2010 campus-wide rollout continues, we will be offering additional hands-on training sessions on a quarterly basis.

October 1510:00 - 11:00AMBH 038