Thank you for investing in my future

Wednesday, August 21, 2013 1:55:00 PM

Stephanie Grepo, Political Science, '15, is grateful to focus on her classes and extracurricular activities, instead of the burden of struggling to pay for college.

Stephanie Grepo2

Stritch junior Stephanie Grepo is making the most out of her college experience. The political science major has already accomplished a lot, and she is nowhere near ready to slow down.

Grepo’s mother, an alumna, earned a nursing degree from Stritch and encouraged Grepo to learn more about the school.

“When we toured campus, I was struck by Stritch’s focus on enacting values in daily life,” said Grepo. “There is an authentic willingness to foster creativity, support new endeavors, and create a tightknit community that encourages leadership.”

Grepo quickly placed Stritch at the top of her list, but still had concerns about paying for college. After talking with her admission counselor, she realized that her Stritch education would be a lot more affordable than she imagined, thanks to the scholarships available to most students.

Stritch’s scholarships are funded in part by the Santa Chiara Fund, a need-based annual scholarship fund honoring former president and Chancellor Sister Camille Kliebhan, OSF, Ph.D., and the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi. The Santa Chiara Fund was established to help students “approve the better things” as they discover their purpose in life during their college experience.

Since making her college decision, Stritch has become Grepo’s home. In her first two years on campus, Grepo sang in the choir, participated in student government, attended an Interfaith Leadership Trip, and organized a three-part series to increase awareness about human trafficking. She also works on campus.

“Stritch teaches me to embody the Franciscan values,” explained Grepo. “Too many leaders today are personally driven. I want to be community driven.”

A self-described “go-getter,” Grepo considers her extracurricular activities time well-invested in both the University and her own development. She hopes that her projects will continue to thrive on campus after she graduates.

Grepo is grateful to focus on her classes and extracurricular activities, instead of the burden of struggling to pay for college.

“Without the support of the Santa Chiara Fund, I would be much more stressed out, less creative, and ultimately have less time for service,” said Grepo.

She plans to earn a doctorate in political science before building a career in academia or governmental affairs, knowing how a supportive and engaged community can make all the difference.

“If I could say one thing to the donors who support this fund, it would be ‘thank you,’” said Grepo. “Thank you so much for investing in my future.”