Changes made to web policy on domain ownership and purchases

Monday, February 11, 2013 5:00:00 PM

On Feb. 4, the IS Steering Committee approved changes to the University’s Web Policy. These changes are intended to streamline the purchasing and ownership of domain names for websites used by university organizations.

Under the new policy, the University maintains ownership of all domain names purchased for hosting and broadcasting official web materials.

The process of purchasing, renewing, and maintaining domains is managed by the Office of Information Services and the Office of University Marketing.

Users who wish to purchase a new domain must first contact the Office of University Marketing for review of the domain name choice. The Office of University Marketing will then coordinate with the Office of Information Services to acquire the domain.

An audit of University owned and managed domains will be conducted annually.

The purpose of this change is to ensure that domains broadcasting university materials remain the property of the University in the event of faculty or staff turnover. It also centralizes the process so that renewals are made in a timely fashion, disaster recovery and exit strategies are developed, and domains are paid for by a central budget within the Office of Information Services.

The policy also outlines naming conventions for new domain purchases.

Domain owners who are currently operating outside this policy will be contacted by the Office of University Marketing in the coming weeks to bring their domains in line with the new policy.

Further information regarding the policy can be found on the Web Communications Policies, Procedures and Governance page -,-Procedures-and-Governance/