MA in Teaching program extends certifications to environmental studies, physics

Thursday, February 14, 2013 9:05:00 PM

The Master of Arts in Teaching program has recently received Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction approval for the following new certification areas:

  • Middle Childhood-Early Adolescence Environmental Studies minor
  • Middle Childhood-Early Adolescence Physics minor
  • Early Adolescence-Adolescence Environmental Science major
  • Early Adolescence-Adolescence Physics major

These certifications are available for new students who would like to earn initial certification through the MAT program and for currently licensed teachers who would like to add additional licensure. 

“Science areas are generally high need areas, and we are excited to be able to certify students in environmental science and physics, in addition to biology, chemistry, and broad field science,” said Kirstin Anglea,  chair of the program. “We know that school districts are always looking for great science teachers and now we are able to offer additional expertise to those teachers.”

The M.A. in Teaching program is an accelerated, post-baccalaureate teacher certification program specifically designed to meet the needs of the returning adult student.

With a dual emphasis on teacher certification in PreK-12 education and a master's degree that enhances the ability to apply theory to practice, this program allows graduate students to enter a new career in teaching while advancing professionally and academically.

The M.A. in Teaching prepares students for teacher certification and a master's degree in elementary, middle or high school education. The program combines classroom instruction with field experience in PreK-12 schools.

Completion of a full semester student teaching placement qualifies students to apply for a teaching license in their chosen area just 18 months after starting the program.