Volunteer initiative logs close to 12,000 hours of service

Friday, February 15, 2013 8:00:00 PM

The 2012 Stritch Serves volunteer initiative has resulted in the logging of close to 12,000 hours of volunteerism/community service by alumni, faculty, and staff, a number that far exceeds the initial goals.

By the estimated rate of $20 per hour for volunteer service, this final number translates to a community contribution of almost a quarter of a million dollars in 2012.

In conjunction with the 75th anniversary of Stritch in 2012, Stritch Serves was developed as a means of encouraging alumni, staff, and faculty to volunteer within their community.

The initial goal of this initiative was to reach 7,500 volunteer hours by Dec. 31, 2012; this goal was surpassed in October and a new challenge of 10,000 hours was given. This second goal was also exceeded, bringing the final total to 11,787 hours.

At the conclusion of 2012, the following total hours have been logged:

Staff/Faculty      8,021
Alumni              3,766

Total                11,787 

“The Stritch Serves Initiative is yet another great example of how Stritch is making a profound and tangible difference in the community,” said President Dr. James Loftus. “The lives of the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi have been built on the notion of service. I thank everyone who has been involved in this effort, and ask that we all continually challenge ourselves to reach out to organizations in need.”