College of Arts and Sciences launches digital media program

Thursday, May 1, 2014 4:10:00 PM

In fall, Stritch’s College of Arts and Sciences launched a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media degree program. The new major prepares students for careers in the ever-evolving fields of media and digital arts, including social media, website design and print design.

According to Visual Arts Department Chair Tim Abler, the program developed when faculty saw an opportunity for the department to address the changing needs of social, digital and interactive media while maintaining a strong focus on design and visual arts.

“The digital media program embraces the best qualities of a visual arts approach to technology,” Abler said.

Through the integration of studio art, graphic design, communication arts, and computer science, the program emphasizes the creative process and technical skills required to succeed in a media-centric profession.

Abler explained that another component of the digital media program that appeals to students is that it encourages them to connect with different programs. All students who major in digital media are required to choose a minor in a different field of study. Options include communication arts, business, computer science, and photography.

“The program benefits students by preparing them for work in a multitude of platforms,” Abler said.