Principals' Center announces summer series schedule

Tuesday, May 13, 2014 3:20:00 PM

The 2014 Summer Breakfast Conversations series, “Leveraging Leadership: Leaders Helping Leaders Do the Heavy Lifting,” provides education administrators the opportunity to collaborate in discussions of relevant issues.

The following sessions will be held from 8 a.m. –noon at the Cardinal Stritch University City Center, 1037 W. McKinley Ave, Milwaukee.

June 24: “Blended Learning: Getting Staff and Students to ‘Plug In’”

  • Jessica Berish, director of admissions and marketing, Wisconsin Virtual Learning
  • Steven Glaeser, personalized blended learning (PBL) coordinator, Reagan International Baccalaureate High School
  • William Hintz, specialist and workshop provider, Apple Inc., and consultant, WI Education Innovations
  • Melissa Horn, director and principal, Wisconsin Virtual Learning

In today’s educational environment students are coming to school with more knowledge and ability than ever before. They are also coming with very different learning styles. We need to address these learning styles, but how?  A blended learning model is one way to find success in personalizing learning and creating a culture of learning and growth among staff. The team of facilitators will be sharing personal school experiences and what has worked for their students, providing data from blended learning environments across the country, spending time in a workshop environment to enable participants to personalize growth and learning as well as providing time for participants to reflect on how to apply ideas learned to their own school/district.

June 25: “It’s About Time! Time to Teach, Time to Learn, Time to Lead”

  • Randolph M. Boardman, Ph.D., national trainer for Time to Teach, and senior training advisor for the Crisis Prevention Institute

Research over the years suggests that the majority of teachers who leave teaching in their first 3 to 5 years, leave because “Nobody told me I would have to deal with this foolishness!” Many veteran teachers just get tired and worn down by the same students, with the same challenging behaviors, day after day after day. Your staff can be the exception. Learn practical strategies to manage 80-90 % of low level, disruptive and off-task behaviors. Decrease office referrals by as much as 70%. Increase your Time to Teach!® Create more time to learn. This presentation and discussions will highlight a sampling of skills taught through the One Day Time To Teach!® training, developed by the Center for Teacher Effectiveness. Dr. Boardman’s session will reinforce your essential role as an instructional leader, which we can sometimes struggle to find enough time for. Make your school an emotionally healthier place for learning for each and every student. It is about time…time to teach, time to learn, and time to lead.

July 16: “Five Levers to Improve Learning: How to Prioritize for Powerful Results in Your School and District”

  • James Rickabaugh, Ph.D., director, The Institute at CESA 1

Educational leaders face near unrelenting pressure to improve the outcomes produced by today’s schools. Yet, despite a steady parade of reform initiatives and mandates spanning more than six decades, levels of student learning and performance lag behind the expectations of our society and demands of our economy.  Fortunately, improvement in learning outcomes can be within our reach if we employ the right levers in the right way and in the right sequence. Tony Frontier and Jim Rickabaugh in their recent book, Five Levers to Improve Learning, provide answers to such vexing questions as, Why do some efforts make a greater difference student learning than others? and How can you tell where to place effort and resources to make the greatest difference? This session will explore five key levers you can employ to do this work and provide a framework for creating maximum leverage advantage when it comes to improving student learning.

July 17: “The Power of a Teacher”

  • Adam Sáenz, Ph.D., author, psychologist, and clinical director for the Oakwood Collaborative

Educators shape the future by changing students’ lives.  Given this high calling, self-care and community are essential for an educator intent on a lifetime in the vocation.  Licensed psychologist and author Dr. Adam L. Sáenz will present a case study that will encourage you and remind you why you chose to say yes to education.  He will then guide participants through practical steps to maintain balance and well-being, and to building authentic community with colleagues.

The registration fee for individuals is $99 per session or $348 for the series. The series registration fee for teams (three or more members) is $337 per person. Regular registration after October 1, 2013 is $35 per session, paid on-site at each session. Fee includes cost of full buffet breakfast and session materials.

Visit the Principals’ Center online for additional information on registration and deadlines.

1 -2 graduate credits are available to participants. Attendance at all four sessions plus completion of outside assignments is required. Registration for credit, payment of tuition ($160 per credit), and explanation of credit requirements will occur on-site at the first session.