Faculty presentations and publications, July 12 -Aug. 1

Thursday, August 1, 2013 2:10:00 PM

Mark Gesner, assistant professor and faculty chair of community engaged learning & leadership in the College of Business and Management, served as a chapter reviewer in the recently published book, "Handbook of Youth Mentoring, Second Edition" from SAGE Publications, Inc. Gesner was the founding board chairperson of Mentor Kenosha & Racine, a youth mentoring partnership that supports the development of mentors and mentoring programs. 

Dr. Eun-Joo Kwak, associate professor of piano, presented a lecture recital at the World Piano Conference in Novi Sad, Serbia. Kwak presented the lecture recital at Isidor Bajic Music School on June 29. She also presented two master classes for the piano majors and faculty of Isidor Bajic Music School on June 28 and July 3.

Shana McCaw, faculty in the visual arts department, and Brent Budsberg, have been selected to participate in the Wisconsin Triennial at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art. McCaw and Budsberg will present four photographs from their recent residency in Death Valley, Calif., where they photographed themselves dressed as 1800s-era farmers negotiating the harsh desert landscape. The show will open in Madison on September 21, 2013.