Literacy Centers and MPS launch two new summer programs

Thursday, June 20, 2013 3:50:00 PM

In an ongoing collaboration with Milwaukee Public Schools, which spans nearly a decade, the Literacy Centers have announced two summer programs focused on building students' success in reading and math. The partnership includes a summer intervention research pilot at Hampton Elementary and Explore U, a GEAR-UP "city adventure" at the Lincoln Center for the Arts.

Dr. Molly Shiffler, director of the Literacy Centers, and Dr. Linda Gordy, leader of the GEAR-UP team, are excited for the opportunity to extend new services to students.

The program at Hampton Elementary, sponsored by the MPS Office of Extended Opportunities, will serve the dual purpose of helping students in reading and math and providing valuable research on summer intervention programs. The programs will focus on instruction in these subjects to prevent the 40% “summer loss” typical of struggling readers.

The research will determine whether MPS students in grades 1 -5 who participate in a summer intervention program will demonstrate higher reading and math achievement scores at post-testing and maintenance testing in December than their peers who did not participate in the program.

Approximately 60 students will participate in the six week program, which features 1-1 to 1-3 instruction provided by literacy instructors and certified math teachers.

In addition to the pilot program at Hampton Elementary, the MPS and Literacy Centers’ GEAR-UP team will offer “Exploration U” to Lincoln Center for the Arts students.This initiative focuses on preparing students in grades 6 -12 for college anticipation and success.

Current GEAR-UP students, as well as those who participate in LCA’s Summer Community Learning Center, will work with tutors in the classroom and take Friday field trips to locations throughout Milwaukee that relate to their weekly studies based on highly motivating themes such as sports, outdoors, theater, and art.

Both programs offer options to best accommodate families’ summer schedules and will work closely with families to encourage students' growth. Visit the Literacy Centers’ online or contact Dr. Molly Shiffler for more information.