More than 140 students gather for doctoral institute

Friday, June 13, 2014 4:20:00 PM

Approximately 140 current students have gathered on the main campus to participate in the annual doctoral summer institute.

This 15-day session, which began May 31 and continues on various dates through June 25, is intended for all current doctoral students.  Alumni and students who need to complete their dissertation can also participate.  Over the course of the institute, 12 different classes are offered and each student receives 7 credits. 

“The overall goals are to learn more about leadership, learning, service, and research, as well as learning new or cutting edge approaches to leadership,” said Dr. Peter Jonas, chair of the doctoral program.

Outside speakers comprise approximately half of the summer institute, with regular courses and small group sessions comprising the other half.  This year, the institute involves approximately 15 speakers, including Dr. Rita Olson, superintendent of schools at the South Milwaukee School District and a 2008 graduate of the doctoral program. 

 “The outside speakers are vital to the learning process,” he said. “We include individuals that have written books or run an organization.  We also include individuals from the Milwaukee area, state, national, and even with international expertise.”  

A key assignment for the students is to listen to the speakers and then write a research paper that synthesizes the material and concludes with lessons learned that are connected to the main goals of the doctoral program.

“The speakers all have research-based ideas or practical applications related to leadership, learning, or service, and the speakers need to have something unique or cutting edge,” he said.