Student Awards and Recognitions

Monday, October 8, 2012 1:25:00 AM

Those students’ names plus others receiving recognitions or participating in significant initiatives earlier this year are listed below:

Honors Convocation recognitions

Samuel Cardinal Stritch Service Award: Zara Nehls, Trevor Rees
In honor of Milwaukee’s former Archbishop who improved the lives of countless people of all races and religions and encouraged the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi to found the University, this award is for a graduating senior enrolled in the traditionally taught undergraduate programs.

Sister Camille Kliebhan Service Award: Corey Loeffelholz
Named after Cardinal Stritch University’s former president whose leadership helped bring about the College of Business and Management in 1982, this award is for students enrolled in undergraduate programs in CBM.

Multicultural Image Award: Edward O'Neil
This award recognizes and encourages student commitment to multicultural issues and efforts toward building an inclusive society and/or campus community.

Dr. Robert Flahive Essay Award: Luz A. Cruz
In honor of Cardinal Stritch University’s former senior vice president, whose leadership embodied Franciscan values, this award is open to all Stritch students who submit an essay which is focused on a different Franciscan value each year.

Pace Bene Award: Kwabea Agbley
Named after the Italian expression “Peace and all good,” this award goes to a person who by their everyday words and actions recognizes the goodness and dignity in everyone, incorporates Stritch’s mission into their personal spiritual and faith life, actively expresses their faith in daily life, and contributes to the spiritual or faith life of the campus.

Sister Joanne Marie Kliebhan Service Award
College of Arts and Sciences: Stephanie King, Theresa Pardoe
College of Nursing: Mary Fergal
College of Education and Leadership: Katherine Pogorelec
College of Business and Management: Christina Taber

Faculty of the Year: Daryl Webb, assistant professor of history

Staff of the Year: Sean Lybeck-Smoak, director of vocational programs and experiential learning

2012-13 Student Government Association Executive Board Members:
President: Stephanie Coker
Vice President of Legislative Assembly: Steven Thomas
Vice President of Clubs and Organizations: Ian Blankenmeyer
Vice President of Communications: Jonelle Ludin
Vice President of Finance: Richard Turnquist
Vice President of Programming: Savanna Kraemer

Who’s Who

The following Cardinal Stritch University students were accepted into Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges for the 2011-12 academic year:
Rachel Babiak
Sampson Kwabina Boham
Danielle Ladzekpo
Zara Nehls
Kristen Stodola

Departmental Honors

These students held the highest G.P.A. in major-specific courses for those graduating in May 2012 or December 2011:

College of Arts and Sciences
Accounting: Navjot Singh
Biology: Kayla Chapman
Chemistry: Jeff West
Communication Arts: Trevor Rees
Computer Science: William Hildenbrand
English: Kevin Berres
Graphic Design: Catherine Feldkamp
History: Ashley Zdrojewski
Mathematics: Ashley Billo
Music: Jerod Reetz
Photography: Catherine Feldkamp
Psychology: Madeleine Swart
Religious Studies: Aaron Franczek
Sociology: Zara Nehls
Spanish: Catherine Scaffidi
Sport Management: Jennifer Piotrowski
Theater Arts: Trevor Rees
Writing: Melissa Brander

College of Education and Leadership
Early Childhood Completion: Paul Friedrich
Elementary Education: Stacy Chapman, Alice Weinshrott
Secondary Education: Catherine Scaffidi

Ruth S. Coleman College of Nursing
: Amy Croatt
BSN: Abigail Tushaus

College of Business and Management
Milwaukee Region:
ASB: Kerry Anderson
BSBA: Corey Loeffelholz
BSMIS: Barbara Bartz
Madison Region:
ASB: Karen Hanson
BSBA: Robert Pavlik
BSM: Kelly Lewis
Minnesota Region:
ASB: Paul Mara
BSBA: Kathleen Kingen
BSM: Michael Golden

Scholar Athletes

Phil Cook
Troy Engibous
Nathaniel Friday
Russell Herberg

Men’s Basketball
Navjot Singh
Derek Woelffer

Men’s Cross Country
Trevor Rees
Ryan Treviranus
Shawn Wagner

Men’s Soccer
Sessie Agbley
Gustavo Esquivel
David Szymanski

Men’s Volleyball
Aloalii Tauaese

Brooke Jancik
Kayla Schlegel
Megan Weber
Leandra Zdrojewski

Women’s Basketball
Janelle Bagneski
Kayla Chapman
Lisa Lawrence
Caitlin Mize

Women’s Cross Country
Sally Fullard
Brittany Suleski

Women’s Soccer
Ashley Billo
Brenda Hernandez
Lynn Podkomorski
Sarah Potochich
Kari Schramer

Women’s Volleyball
Alyssa Ahmad
Anna Flock
Shannon Petrack

Student Community Recognitions

Wisconsin Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies
In March, the Wisconsin Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies presented a Paper Recognition Award to political science major Stephanie Coker and sociology major Tom Rabbit for their paper “The Battle Between Restorative Justice and Retributive Justice.” The award included a cash prize and an official certificate. The two presented their paper at the organization’s annual student conference.

For about two decades, Cardinal Stritch University’s membership with the non-partisan Wisconsin Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies has connected students with opportunities to explore foreign policy, global areas of conflict, intercultural communication, gender relations, and environmental sustainability. The institute is a consortium of 21 private and public colleges and universities “dedicated to enriching academic and public discourse on issues of peace and conflict.”

Some past Wisconsin Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies award winners from Stritch include:
Dan DiDomizio, 2005 Dick Ringler Distinguished Peace Educator Award
Cina Chang, 2010 student award
Kimberly Meyer, 2009 student award
Ronald Kabaale, 2009 student award
Kyle Bowman, 2005 student award
Lars Gloessner, 2004 student award

Milwaukee Press Club
Six Communication Arts students from Cardinal Stritch University were honored for their work in audio and television journalism and production by the Milwaukee Press Club at the 82nd Annual Gridiron Awards Dinner on Friday, May 18.

Shaina Summerville won the bronze Excellence in Journalism Award in the collegiate category of Best Radio Feature Story for her  audio feature on apple picking. This story was produced in the CA221 Audio Journalism class in Fall 2011 and aired on Radio Lobo.

A group of students in the Television Reporting, Writing and Producing class from the 2011 Fall semester produced a web show, Celebrate the Holidays Milwaukee Style, for This show, produced by Collin Hartman, Edward O’Neill, Skyla Rice, Srijan Sen and Jessica Brown, won the bronze Excellence in Journalism Award in the Best Television Program or Special category.

The awards competition was open to work originated and published, broadcast or posted online in Wisconsin by college students during 2011.

Service & Travel

Franciscan pilgrimage
Eight Stritch students returned to class this week with fresh perspectives and deeper insights after their pilgrimage experience during winter break. Each year, the University chooses a group of students to travel to Italy for a Franciscan Leadership Pilgrimage to visit several sites that hold significance in the lives of Sts. Francis and Clare. The experience includes time for reflection, study, conversation, leisure, and visits to sacred Franciscan places in Assisi and Rome. The latest pilgrims join more than 100 previous employees and students of Stritch who have gone on pilgrimages for more than a decade as part of Stritch groups.

This year's student pilgrims included: Jessica Brown, Shabreka Chapman, Stacy Chapman, Cathy Feldkamp, Anna Flock, George Ghassan, Monica Kling, and Ryan Treviranus.

Several of the students shared reflections of their experience:

"Honestly, the pilgrimage was the best gift anyone could have ever given me. …Before leaving, I was told by everyone who had gone in the past to go into the pilgrimage without any expectations. As hard as this was, I did just this. I went in expecting nothing and received so much in return! I received peace of mind, the grace of God, the love of friendship, and so much more (including sore feet and a cold – which were well worth it!). The pilgrimage just seems to free you from all of your burdens. You think less and less about yourself and more about the life of Francis and those around you. You begin to see things in a different light and see others in a whole new way. No words can truly describe the overwhelming love you have for life and for others." – Stacy Chapman

"The pilgrimage is an experience that you can't prepare yourself for. It will change you in ways that you don't expect. For me, I felt like I was changed as much by all of the great people I met more than the places I visited. The group of 38 students from across the country that I was a part of became a family to me, and will be for the rest of my life. God spoke to me through places, people, and sometimes even myself and for that I am so grateful for the opportunity." – Monica Kling

"I went into this trip thinking I was going to have this epiphany or enlightening moment. I heard from friends who were past pilgrims that their experience was beyond description. When I got to Italy and met students from schools all over the United States we immediately connected. As we got closer to the end of the pilgrimage I thought I hadn't had that one spectacular moment yet. But on the last day when I was saying goodbye to the other pilgrims I realized that it wasn't about one moment. It was about these people and us being where St. Francis committed such amazing deeds. I learned a lot from these complete strangers in only 10 days and I am grateful for that and the experience. Father Jim told us that we were meant to be a part of the pilgrimage this year. Not last year or next year but this year. I understand now why he said that because I had the experience of a lifetime with the places I went along with the people I met." – Ryan Treviranus

Tanzania Service-Immersion Trip
In May, a group from Cardinal Stritch University traveled to Tanzania to learn about the Tanzanian culture and provide service to those in need. Alumnus Father Tim Coday directs the CPPS Mission Project in Dodoma, Tanzania, and hosts the bi-annual Stritch groups who travel to Tanzania. The CPPS ministry provides fresh, clean drinking water to remote villages through the installation of wells and windmill pump systems. Recently, the project also opened St. Gaspar’s Primary School, which will be educating 1,000 children. The Stritch students spent the year fundraising to travel to Tanzania to help install a clean water system for the Rhema Foundation Education Centre, a preschool that serves AIDS orphans and HIV/AIDS positive children.

The 2012 participants included: Aaron Franczek, Collin Hartman, Monica Kling, Sarah Meleski, Claire Pattison, Amanda Schmidt, Becca Scholz, Alyssa Stuiber, Becky Thorn, Ryan Treviranus, Gracie Ventura Haas, Marcie Weiss, Jenny White, Robert Bhatia, Jill Braasch, Jenni Herrick and Laine Philippa. Visit their group blog at

Spring Break trip to New Orleans
During spring break, a group of students traveled to New Orleans, which continues to recover seven years after Hurricane Katrina. Among their projects during the week, they helped in an effort to recycle Mardi Gras beads.

Spanish Club trip to Miami
The Miami Herald covered one of the service projects the Spanish Club participated in during their June trip:

Additional information and a photo from their trip can be found in the Summer issue of Stritch Magazine.