About Office of Information Services

The Office of Information Services is responsible for all aspects relating to information services and technology at Cardinal Stritch University. This includes responsibility for desktop and mobile computing, enterprise applications, data quality and institutional research, communications technology and the library. The Office of Information Services is responsible for the development of standards, guidelines, policy, as well as the functional areas of telecommunications, library and learning services, instructional technology, classroom support and training, enterprise applications, networking and security, and help desk support.

Mission Statement

The Office of Information Services partners withthe Stritch community to provide relevant technologies and information services supporting the student learning process, academic programs, and the administrative functions of the University.


1.) Integration and Access:The Office of Information Services will deliver information resources and services in a user friendly and consistent manner.

  • University Goal Alignment:1,2,3

2.) Service Delivery:The Office of InformationServices will provide relevant, well-managed services to meet or exceed customer expectations for technology and support.

  • University Goal Alignment:1,2,3,4

3.) Operational Efficiencies and Continuous Improvement:The Office of Information Services will leverage existing, emerging and innovative standards and technologies to enhance, improve and streamline University business processes.

  • University Goal Alignment:1,3,4

4.) Privacy and Security:The Office of Information Services will ensure the privacy, integrity, reliability and appropriate use of technology and information resources through policy,regulation compliance, awareness and training.

  • University Goal Alignment:3

5.) Enhance Learning Process: The Office of Information Services will enhance university-wide learning and research processes in partnership with students,staff and faculty.

  • University Goal Alignment:1,2,3