Service Catalog

Service Category: Copy Center

Name of Service: Copy Center

Who is eligible to use this service?
Full-time and part-time faculty, staff, and students – as well as, external local groups and organizations.

When is this service available:
Monday-Friday 8 AM-5 PM

Support Hours:
Monday-Friday 8 AM-5 PM

Service Owner(s)

Name: Alex Pezewski
Title: Sr. Director Technology Services

Service Description

The Cardinal Stritch University Copy Center has many services to help you create useful, eye-catching, and informative materials for your projects and presentations. Services offered at the Copy Center include:

  • Copying - our copying services are versatile, and can be leveraged creatively to product eye-popping results. Basic copying options include: single or double-sided copying, stapling, copies on colored paper, three-hole punching, and other features. Many jobs can be done while you wait, or you can pick up at your convenience. 
  • Binding - a variety of binding options are available at the Copy Center. One of the most popular ways to create a book is using spiral binding. It is available to bind up to 550 pages with a black spiral. The Copy Center offers a range of cover options to ensure a professional look. 
  • Stapling - stapling is a simple process that can be applied to almost any copy job. Automatic stapling, which is done by the copy machine, can consist of up to two staples in a packet, up to 100 sheets of paper. For thicker packets, we recommend spiral, or other, binding. 
  • Folding - the Copy Center can fold your copies in several different ways. Automatic machine-folding can be performed on 8.5" x 11" paper, and also on 14 or 17 inch paper. Booklets can be folded automatically while they are being copied. Letter folding options include: tri-fold (head-in or head-out) or folding in half. 
  • Collating - collating is a basic service provided with copies of packets, and can also be performed on more complicated jobs. Front and back covers can be added, of a different type of paper; sheets can be inserted as section breaks within a packet, and cardstock sheets can be inserted as well. Many collating processes can take place automatically, but some require additional manual collation. 
  • Posters - the Copy Center can copy posters in both color ink and black and white, on 8.5" x 11", 8.5" x 14", or 11" x 17" paper. Some sizes can be printed on card as well. The copy center can also print large sized posters using the Canon poster plotter. 
  • Cutting - We offer fast cutting solutions for table tents, notices, postcards, tickets, etc., using a small electric cutter. 
  • Course books/packets - the Copy Center offers a full range of supplies to create course books and packets. The Copy Center is respectful of copyright rules and asks that adherence to copyrights is followed strictly by all users. Appropriate copyright clearance is required to print/copy any course book or packet.
  • Transparencies - transparencies can be printed at the Copy Center in either color or black and white.
  • Printing Services - the Copy Center offers many printer services, such as toner requests, printer service requests, and other specific printer needs. The Copy Center does not create business cards or letterhead.
  • Scrap Paper Pads - in keeping with our recycling mandate and the green spirit of the campus, the Copy Center provides scrap pads. Scrap pads are very handy next to the phone or computer for quick notes. Pads can be made in a variety of sizes, and are available to everyone on campus, free of charge. Supplies are limited and not always available.
  • Shredding - free service to shred and dispose of sensitive and confidential documents.

How to Use this Service

If your job is not extremely large and does not require a lot of setup, the Copy Center staff will try to accommodate your request within thirty minutes while you wait. Academic materials for classes have the highest priority in this process. If the job cannot be completed while you wait, the Copy Center will notify you (by phone or email) when the job is completed and ready for pick up. 

You may also submit your Copy Center request by email to Be sure to include detailed instructions to ensure that your job is done correctly and be sure to include any necessary attachment(s). Failure to submit the appropriate information may cause delays in production of the final product.

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