Network Storage - FAQ

Q: How much storage will I receive?

A: The amount of storage you will be provisioned will be determined on a number of factors. First we will factor your growth rate against the existing network storage resources to determine where and how much storage we can provide. There may be limitations in the existing hardware or software which might direct a different course of action. Additionally, we may discuss different options for archiving and removing old information to ensure that the limited storage resources we have to provide are used as effectively as possible.

Q: How soon will you be able to service my request?

A: For the most part, the available storage on any given server has already been allocated. Providing additional storage, therefore, involves making more physical storage available to the server. In most cases, this is a trivial task. However, in some instances, the task is complex and may involve provisioning a new server to handle your specific type of data or could involve scheduling down time on an existing server for a the addition of physical storage. You will be notified of an expected completion date at the time you make your request.