Service Catalog

Service Category: Infrastructure

Name of Service: Server Provisioning testing

Who is eligible to use this service?
Office of Information Services Staff

When is this service available:
Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Support Hours:
Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Service Owner(s)

Name: Daniel LaDell
Title: Network Administrator
Phone: 414-410-4456

Service Description

Cardinal Stritch University Office of Information Services, Infrastructure team has the responsibility for provisioning new instances of servers for delivering information technology services to the University. This includes managing the lifecycle of server instances from planning, provisioning, upgrading and deprovisioning when a server is no longer required. With a virtualization-first strategy, we can ensure rapid turn up of new server instances to adapt to the evolving needs and requirements of our customers.


With our current virtual infrastructure, we support nearly all server requirements from high performance applications such as Microsoft SQL or Exchange, large data volumes, secured servers for use on the web to small low-utilization single service servers. All clusters support High Availability so an unexpected hardware failure will only cause a momentary service disruption and often, servers can be migrated to other cluster nodes with no downtime. Servers can optionally be backed up to our disk-based backup solution for on-site and off-site storage.

How to Use this Service

  1. Contact the service owner with the following:
    • What will this server be used for? What application software will it run or what services will it provide
    • Do you need the Infrastructure team to perform the application installation or service configuration?
    • What are the server requirements (Processors, RAM, disk storage, IOPS requirements)?
    • Network (Internal Only / Web accessible)? If Web, what ports will need to be opened and are there any specific internal resources that will also need to be accessed?
    • How long will this server remain in production?
    • Any specific server name considerations
    • Does the server need to be backed up? Stored Offsite? Any specific disaster recovery considerations
    • Will you need the service owner to perform the software installation? If so, where can the installation media be obtained and can installation instructions be provided from the manufacturer?

Quick Reference Guides

None Available