Service Catalog

Service Category: Angel Course Backup, Archive, and Retrieval

Name of Service: Angel Course Backup, Archive, and Retrieval

Who is eligible to use this service?
Full-time and part-time faculty

When is this service available:
Monday – Friday 8:30AM – 5:00PM

Support Hours:
Monday – Friday 8:30AM – 5:00PM

Service Owner(s)

Name: Hope Liu
Title: Instructional Technologist
Phone: 414-410-4454

Service Description

Library and Learning Services manages the Course Backup process, Archive process and Retrieval process at CSU. Course backups are setup to run automatically once each week at 1:00AM. Archiving occurs when a course(s) from a certain time period or semester need to be backed up and then deleted from being actively in the course list in Angel. Course Retrieval refers to the process whereby the instructor requests access to a course no longer available in the course list. These are courses that were archived and no longer available in the course list. The Library and Learning Services team can retrieve the course for the instructor and make it available again. 

How to Use this Service

All of the services listed below happen without a request by faculty EXCEPT the Course Retrieval request. If an instructor does believe a course is no longer available and they want to access that course, the instructor needs to contact Library and Learning Services for assistance. The instructor needs to supply a course title and ID for retrieval to take place. A ticket can also be placed by the instructor for the process to happen. Library and Learning Services will complete the retrieval process and notify the instructor when the course is available in Angel.

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