Service Catalog

Service Category: Library Donations and Gifts

Name of Service: Library Donations and Gifts

Who is eligible to use this service?
Anyone can donate to the library; however not all items will be accepted

When is this service available:
Donations may be accepted whenever the library is open.

Support Hours:
Whenever the library is open or by going to the donations web page(see below for link)

Service Owner(s)

Name: David Weinberg-Kinsey
Title: Director of University Library
Phone: 414-410-4261

Service Description

Donations are one means of developing the library collection. Cardinal Stritch University welcomes and actively solicits gifts when they support the teaching, research and other needs of the University. The Library is particularly interested in materials which will enhance the strength of the existing collection and support the instructional and research programs of the University.

All donations are accepted with the understanding that the Library becomes the owner of the material and, as such, reserves the right to determine retention, location, cataloging treatment, and other considerations relating to use or disposition. (The term "use" includes possible digitization of materials). If a donation is declined, potential alternatives or institutions will be suggested whenever possible. Items not added to the collection may be used in exchange programs with other libraries, or donated to other groups and/or charities as the Library sees fit. If donor chooses to keep certain items not included in the collection, this should be indicated on donation form.

Items not accepted:

  • Outdated textbooks, books, materials in poor condition (including underlining/highlighting).
  • Duplicate copies of most materials library already owns
  • Popular magazines and other similarly inappropriate materials

Offers of journals will only be accepted after the need for the journal has been established. Paperbacks and popular fiction will be evaluated on a gift by gift basis.

How to Use this Service

Anyone interested in donating materials should contact the Donations Librarian at 414-410-4261 or via email. Materials may be dropped off at the library during our hours of operation. The Donations Librarian will discuss and/or examine the material(s) with the donor and indicate whether or not the gift would be appropriate for the Library. The potential donor can fill out a Donation Form in person or online. The Library will ordinarily accept all gifts offered by faculty members at Cardinal Stritch University. The same restrictions as to retention and addition to the collection outlined above apply to faculty gifts. The Donation Librarian will retain a copy of the donation/gift paperwork/inventory.

Donations webpage

Unsolicited donations:

  • Donations that are delivered without prior arrangement with the library or the Shipping/Maintenance Department are processed in the following manner:
    • Donor's name and address are recorded.
    • Cartons are marked with donor's name and date of receipt.
    • Donations Librarian will contact the donor.
    • Donations arriving by mail: unsolicited materials arriving via the mail will be routed to the Donations librarian for evaluation.

Additional Information and Forms:

  • Asking for acknowledgement
    • Donors may request a letter of acknowledgement for their gift. Acknowledgement letters will come from the University Advancement Office, not the Library. If the donor indicates a letter of acknowledgement is desired, the Donations Librarian will provide the relevant information to the Advancement Office and it will send a letter of acknowledgement to the donor. Donated materials are not routinely book plated. Exceptions are: memorial gifts, selected special collections and materials judged appropriate by the librarians.
  • Library does not do appraisals
    • The Library will not appraise any donation. Any appraisal of a donation to the Library for income tax purposes is the responsibility of the donor. Donors can use the Internal Revenue Service Pamphlet 561, Determining the Value of Donated Property as a guide. A summary of the appraisal must accompany the donation.

  • Donation Form

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