Online Writing Lab

About the Online Writing Lab

What is the OWL?

The OWL is one of many tutorial services offered to all Cardinal Stritch University students through Academic Support and the Student Success Center. When using the OWL, students are able to submit drafts of college writing assignments for any subject to the OWL tutors for prompt review and feedback.

Who are the tutors?

The OWL tutors are Academic Support staff members and peer tutors at Cardinal Stritch University. The OWL tutors are happy to share their writing expertise with you; however, as many aspects of writing are easier to explain in person than via e-mail, you are encouraged to consult with your class instructor or a tutor in Academic Support if necessary.

Who may use the OWL?

Only students currently enrolled in CSU may use the OWL. The student must know how to use Stritch Wolfmail and check it regularly to receive a response and have access to Microsoft Word in order to submit an essay. IMPORTANT: OWL staff will review only Microsoft Word documents (.doc or .docx file extension). Staff is unable to use track changes or comment mode to review papers submitted in PDF or ODT format.

What won't the OWL do for me?

  • The OWL tutors will not review your essay without assignment description.
  • They will not rewrite your essay.
  • They will not repair your mechanical errors.
  • They will not assign a grade or guess what grade your instructor will give you.
  • They will not review take home exams.
  • They will not review Capstone papers, Master’s theses, or dissertations.

Essays submitted Friday afternoon or later will not be read until Monday

If you have any questions about the OWL, please send an email to

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