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  • Students are limited to ONE five-page submission PER DAY
  • It may take up to TWO BUSINESS DAYS for students to receive feedback
  • Students may not submit multiple drafts of the same paper to The OWL
  • OWL staff WILL NOT review Capstones, Theses, or Dissertations
  • IMPORTANT: Please use your Stritch Wolfmail address as your contact email below. If you use a personal address like Yahoo, etc., you may have trouble retrieving the submission when the review is complete. If you do not receive your feedback within two business days, check your spam folder first, then contact Academic Support.

If you would like additional feedback after submitting a paper to the OWL, please make an appointment at the Academic Support Center.

NOTE: If you can't wait 2 business days for feedback, please do NOT send your draft.

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