Services for Employers

Thank you for your interest in Stritch students and alumni!  As the largest Franciscan institution of higher education in North America, we serve bachelor, master, and doctorate level students of all faiths and ages. The campus is in northern Milwaukee, with classes held online and at other locations throughout Wisconsin.

More Specificallyour students are diverse, strong, and culturally competent!

Stritch has an enrollment of 3,811 students (2014-15), comprised of:

2,308 (61%) undergraduates’1,503 (39%) graduate students
64% identify as female / 36% as male 62% identify as female / 38% as male

Our entire student enrollment reflects an array of ethnic diversity, with:

59% White22% African-American
8% Hispanic                                                                 2% Asian
2% More than one ethnicity7% are non-resident aliens or have an unknown ethnicity

Want to Post Jobs, or Volunteer Opportunities? 

Post to our current students and alumni through our new career management website:

 Stritch Briefcase

Stritch Briefcase allows employers to post and manage employment and internship opportunities to current and alumni students. After creating a profile for our students to look at, you can conduct searches for qualified applicants and view their profiles. Student profiles will outline their work history, academic standings, and extracurricular information.  

If your company is interested in connecting with 20 other private colleges in Wisconsin that are a part of WIPCCC click on the link to create an account; any job postings to WIPCCC will also be added to Stritch Briefcase.