How to See a Counselor

Counseling Services is in Bonaventure Hall, room 2113. 

Making An Appointment

  • All efforts will be made to get you an appointment as soon as possible, however, if you are in an urgent situation, it may be necessary to explain the urgency of your request to see a staff clinician.
  • In any life threatening situation or serious mental health crisis, call 911 (police) or proceed immediately to the emergency room of the nearest local hospital.


  • When you call or stop by Counseling Services, you will be offered the first available appointment that matches your schedule. You may request a specific counselor if you prefer. The first session will be scheduled within a few days to a week or so. Please note- If you are in need of immediate help, inform our staff.

  • The purpose of the first session is for you to share with the counselor information about your current concerns, relevant history, and goals. Your counselor should also review relevant Counseling Services policies and procedures, such as confidentiality. At the end of the appointment, you and your counselor will determine an appropriate course of action.
  • If you are interested in using Counseling services, please call (414) 410-4097

You may also contact the individual therapists directly:

Laura Hempe, M.S., LPC
Associate Director of the Wellness Center
(414) 410-4194

Mary Beth Wisniewski, M.S., LPC
(414) 410-4146

There is no charge for counseling services.

Counseling services are available Monday through Friday, including some evenings. Contact the office for exact hours.