What to Expect at My First Appointment

 General information that may help you to better understand the counseling experience.

Many people are nervous or have questions about the first counseling appointment. Can I find the office? Will I like the counselor? Will the counselor like me? Will the counselor help me? What do I talk about first? How long do I have to wait until I can expect some improvement? Below is some general information that may help you to better understand the counseling experience:


  • At your scheduled time, your counselor will greet you in the waiting room in BH 2113 or you may go directly to their office if the door is open. A session is approximately 50 minutes long. Your counselor will want to learn about you and why you have decided to come for counseling. It will be helpful for you to provide a brief description of the issues that have brought you to counseling. Your counselor will ask follow-up questions to fill in some of your background information and gain a better understanding of your issues and experiences. Some paperwork will be filled out to document your concerns and inform you about confidentiality.

Number of Sessions

  • The length of time in counseling is part of the discussion you will have when discussing counseling goals. The number of counseling sessions depends on the problems being addressed, your motivation, the expertise of the therapist regarding your issues, the strength of rapport and collaboration between you and your therapist and the frequency of meetings.

Benefits of Counseling

  • At a minimum, counseling can help in several ways. First, counseling provides a safe place to talk over your difficulties with someone with some experience helping people. Second, counseling generally adds some clarity about decision-making options. It provides a healthy place to brainstorm ideas about what to try next and to learn new coping skills. Whatever the case, counseling can be tailored to your situation, and together with your counselor, you can sort out the goals that will make counseling meaningful for you.

We look forward to meeting and working with you!