FAQs About Academics and Registration

Learn how to drop a class, change your major, and other important procedures.

How do I drop a class? How do I withdraw from a class? What’s the difference?

You can drop a class before the end of the “add/drop” period each semester (typically the first week and a half of each semester). Students can add/drop courses on My Stritch. You can withdraw from a course after the end of “add/drop” but before the last day to withdraw each semester (typically about two months into the semester). In order to withdraw from a course, pick up a withdraw form from the One Stop desk. You and your instructor must sign the form prior to turning it in to your One Stop advisor or Fast Track.  Dropping and withdrawing from courses have different effects on your financial aid and billing. Plus, a dropped course will not show up on your transcript, whereas a withdrawal will show up as a “W” grade. This has no effect on your grade point average.  If you have questions about dropping or withdrawing from a course, contact your One Stop advisor. 

How do I make an appointment with my One Stop advisor?

You can make an appointment with your One Stop advisor in-person at the One Stop desk, by calling the One Stop office at (414) 410-4663, by email at onestop@stritch.edu, or by contacting your One Stop advisor directly.

How do I change my major?

If you wish to declare or change your major, you must complete a “Declaration of Major” or “Change of Major” form. You can get a copy of this form from your One Stop advisor, the One Stop desk, or online. After logging into the My Stritch One Stop page, click on the form tab and download and print a copy of the necessary form. If you are changing your major, you must have the form signed by a faculty member in your new major. Once you have it signed, turn the completed form in to your One Stop advisor, who can discuss how this change impacts your academic plan.

I’m on academic warning or probation. What does that mean?

Academic Warning -- When a traditional student’s semester grade point falls below 2.0 but the cumulative grade point average remains above 2.0, the student is placed on Academic Warning. The student will be required to discuss his/her academic status with One Stop and the department chair, who will make appropriate suggestions to help the student remedy his/her academic difficulty. The student on Academic Warning is restricted to a course load of no more than 15 credits.

Academic Probation -- When a traditional student’s cumulative grade point average falls below 2.0, he/she is automatically placed on probation. Academic Probation will be noted on the student’s transcript, as will removal from probation. A student on Academic Probation is subject to the following terms.

  1. The student may carry no more than 12 credits per semester.
  2. The student must meet regularly with a mentor approved by One Stop.
  3. The student is not eligible to participate in major extracurricular activities, such as intercollegiate sports, student government, or theatrical productions. However, a student on probation may be permitted restricted participation in extracurricular activities by mutual consent of the department chair or academic vice president and the dean of students. In such cases, an academic performance contract is written and presented by the dean of students and must be strictly adhered to by the student.

How do I order a transcript?

Current students can access a copy of unofficial transcripts online on My Stritch or in-person at the One Stop desk. Requests for official or unofficial transcripts must be in writing at the One Stop desk or by mail. Requests for transcripts cannot be accepted by email or fax, since an original written signature is required. Official transcripts can be ordered online.

Information about how to order a transcript is available online, or please stop by the One Stop desk.

What should I do or whom should I speak to if I am thinking about adding a second major or a minor?

You should always talk to your One Stop advisor before adding a second major/minor. Your counselor can discuss the impact that this will have on your academic plan (including required major/core courses and impact on your long-term plan). It is also important to discuss the requirements of the major or minor with a faculty member in the department. You must fill out a “Declaration of Major” or “Declaration of Minor” form to declare a new major or minor. You can get a copy of this form from your One Stop advisor, the One Stop desk, or by logging in to the One Stop My Stritch site.

Can I change my major advisor?

The number of advisors available in each academic department varies. In some departments, it may be possible to change your major advisor, while in other areas this may not be an option. Please contact the faculty chair in your department to determine if you are able to change your major advisor.

Can I change my One Stop advisor?

As One Stop advisors, we understand that our personalities and expertise areas are different. We understand that the needs of our students are unique as well. If you are interested in changing your One Stop advisor, feel free to set up an appointment with one of our other counselors to discuss your options.

Can my parents call and get information about my academics, financial aid, billing?

Yes, but you must first complete an authorization form, which allows various offices to give them this information. Authorization forms are available at the One Stop desk or the Business office.

I need a letter stating that I’m a currently enrolled student at Stritch (enrollment verification). Where can I get that?

The University will provide enrollment verification for students who need it for educational loans, good student auto insurance discounts, employers who require it to ensure tuition reimbursement and in other situations calling for official verification as a Stritch student.

Students may submit requests in person or via mail, email or fax. For more information, call (414) 410-4084 or visit the Registrar's website. Please allow one to two business days after we receive a request for processing.

How is GPA calculated? Where can I find my GPA/major GPA?

A student’s cumulative GPA is calculated using only those credits and grades earned at Cardinal Stritch University. The GPA is computed as follows: the credit hours for each course are multiplied by the quality points earned for each grade received; the quality points for all courses recorded are totaled, and this number is divided by the total number of semester credits graded. All courses are included in the computation except those in which grades of “HP” (High Pass), “P” (Pass), “LP” (Low Pass), “W” (Withdrawal), “WU” (Unofficial Withdrawal), “AU” (Audit), “I” (Incomplete) are received. For courses that are retaken by a student, the grade awarded for the course the first time it was taken remains on the transcript, but it is not counted toward the GPA. Developmental courses are also not included in the GPA computation, but grades are included on the transcript. Students can access their semester and cumulative GPA on their official or unofficial transcript. Cumulative GPA and major GPA are also available on student’s course needs worksheet available on My Stritch.

How do I access my mid-term and final grades?

You can access your mid-term and final grades on My Stritch on the “academics” tab. Grades are not mailed to students. They are only available online.