FAQs About Financial Aid

Find out more about loans and work study.

What is the difference between subsidized and unsubsidized loans?

Subsidized loans are awarded based on financial need. The government pays the interest on the loan until repayment begins and during periods of deferment (basically while you are still a full- time student). When accepting funds, you should always accept subsidized loans first. An unsubsidized loan is not awarded based on need, and the interest is charged from the time the loan is disbursed until it is paid in full. You can begin paying the interest on the unsubsidized loan, but it is not required.

What is verification? Why did I get chosen for verification?

Verification is a process by which the information you included in your FAFSA is validated. More than 30% of all students will have their FAFSA randomly selected for the verification process by the federal government. If selected, you will be required to submit specific documents to the Financial Aid office on campus. These documents will be used to verify that the information on the FAFSA is, in fact, correct. This process must be completed before you can receive a financial aid award offer.

Please be sure all forms are completed in their entirety. If a question does not apply, enter a zero or n/a. Please do not leave anything blank.

How do I accept or decline my financial aid? Can I decline part of my financial aid or loans?

The form to accept or decline funds is called the Financial Aid Award Decision Form. It can be accessed through the Online Aid Service under the forms tab. Yes, you have the option of accepting all funds or accepting a portion of the funds.

How do I complete my entrance counseling and sign my Master Promissory Note (MPN)?

You can access the MPN and entrance counseling through the Online Aid Service, or you can go to it directly at www.studentloans.gov.

What is my PIN for the Stritch Online Aid Service? Is it the same as my FAFSA PIN?

Your Stritch Online Aid PIN is a number that you will create. This number is not the same as the FAFSA PIN.

What do I do if I forgot my Stritch Online Aid Service PIN?

If you forget your Stritch Online Aid Service PIN, click on "forgot your PIN?" under the login section to reset it.

Where do I turn in my financial aid documents?

All financial aid documents can be turned in to the One Stop Desk, to the attention of Kristin Johnson. Forms can also be turned in to your One Stop advisor. Finally, you have the option to mail in or fax in completed documents. Please be sure all forms are completed in their entirety. If a question does not apply, enter a zero or n/a. Please do not leave anything blank.

I receive Federal Work Study as part of my financial aid award. What does this mean?

Federal Work Study is a program that allows students with financial need to work part-time in order to help pay educational expenses. To earn work study funds, you need to find a work study job on campus. You then receive a paycheck for that work rather than having the work study money applied directly to your account.

How should I go about finding a job on campus?

Campus offices generally begin to post student worker opportunities in mid-August. By registering for StritchConnect, you will be able to review all of the postings that have been shared with Career Services. You may also visit departments and campus offices to inquire about student worker openings.

Am I guaranteed a job on campus if I’m awarded Federal Work Study?

No. Unfortunately, receiving a work study award in your financial aid package does not guarantee an on-campus position. If you are not able to secure a work study position during your first semester at Stritch, keep trying as positions can become available throughout the year.

In addition to on-campus positions, students may earn their work study by working with an approved non-profit organization. For more information on this opportunity, please contact Sean Lybeck-Smoak, with the Center for Calling and Engagement, at (414) 410-4730 or slsmoak@stritch.edu.