FAQs About One Stop

Learn more about One Stop services.

What is Fast Track? What can I do there?

Fast Track is the “walk-in” service for the One Stop office. One Stop advisors are available Monday-Friday from 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. and during extended hours at the beginning of each semester. Students can go to Fast Track to:

  • Add or drop courses
  • Withdraw from courses
  • Get answers to general financial aid questions
  • Get answers to quick questions about courses, registration and billing

Who is my One Stop advisors?

You can access the contact information for your One Stop counselor by logging into My Stritch.

Who is my major advisor?

All undergraduate students (except nursing students) have a One Stop advisor, as well as a faculty advisor in their major and minor areas of study. If you do not know who your major/minor advisor is, you can view their name and contact information on your Course Needs/Advising Worksheet on My Stritch.

How do I make an appointment with my One Stop advisor?

You can make an appointment with your One Stop advisor in person at the One Stop desk, by calling the One Stop office at (414) 410-4663, by email at onestop@stritch.edu, or by contacting your One Stop advisor directly.

Can I change my major advisor?

The number of advisors available in each academic department varies. In some departments, it may be possible to change your major advisor, while in other areas this may not be an option. Please contact the faculty chair in your department to determine if you are able to change your major advisor.

Can I change my One Stop advisor?

As One Stop advisors, we understand that our personalities and expertise areas are different. We understand that the needs of our students are unique as well. If you are interested in changing your One Stop advisor, feel free to set up an appointment with one of our other counselors to discuss your options.

Who do I contact regarding my financial aid questions? Who is my Financial Aid counselor?

Stritch employs financial aid counselors within our Financial Aid office that award financial aid to students. However, as a student, your first contact for financial aid questions/concerns should be your One Stop advisor. One Stop advisors are trained to answer the majority of financial aid questions. However, One Stop advisors cannot be experts on all financial aid issues. If your One Stop advisors cannot answer your financial aid questions, you will be referred to a Financial Aid counselor in our Financial Aid office.

Where do I get an ID card?

ID cards and replacement cards are available Monday–Friday, 9 a.m.–4 p.m. at the Welcome Desk, located at the south end of Bonaventure Hall. Students will be charged a small fee for replacing lost cards which can be taken care of at the Business Office.

Where can I get a parking sticker?

In order to receive a parking sticker, current students must register their vehicle information online. Once vehicle information is entered, students may pick up their parking sticker in the Copy Center. To review the parking procedures and register your vehicle, log in to My Stritch.

How do I put money on my ID card to make photocopies?

Students can add money to their ID cards for copies at the Library reference desk and in the Copy Center, which is located in Bonaventure Hall, room 066. Copies are 10 cents per page.