Graduate Resources

An overview of alumni benefits for Cardinal Stritch University.

Alumni Benefits

As a Stritch graduate, you will join a network of more than 32,000 alumni, earning automatic membership in the Cardinal Stritch University Alumni Association, which offers you a lifetime of benefits. For a complete list of benefits, please visit

Update Your Email Address

Your Stritch email account will end six months after your last day of classes, so be sure to update your email address with the Alumni Association in order to keep in touch. Just email us at alumni@stritch.eduSign up now to receive our electronic monthly Alumni Newsletter.  

Update Your Social Media Profiles 

Update Your LinkedIn Profile - Ensure that your graduation and degree are updated on your LinkedIn profile. This makes it easier to connect with professionals in your industry and other Stritch alumni. By adding your degree from Cardinal Stritch University on your profile, your experience will be reflected on our official University page in our graduation and placement information.

Update Your Facebook Profile Ensure that Cardinal Stritch University and your graduation year is updated on your Facebook profile. This makes it easier to find other alumni or firends-of-friends in your network.

Network with Other Alumni - On Facebook, get updates from the alumni association and the University.  On LinkedIn, join the official University page to stay in touch and network.

Career Services

With graduation around the corner, now is the time to evaluate your goals and develop your plan. Contact Career Services if you would like to meet with a career counselor to discuss your career decision-making, graduate school options, or job search strategies. 

Career Checklist for Graduates

  • Develop a job search plan. Career Services staff are happy to help you develop your strategy.
  • Update your resume and cover letters.
  • Update your StritchConnect profile, post a resume for employer viewing, and review job postings.
  • Focus on your career network. Approximately 75% of positions are filled through networking. Do your friends, family, and professional contacts know you are graduating soon?
  • Practice your interviewing skills in a mock interview.
  • Join a professional organization in your career field.
  • If you plan to attend graduate school, make sure now is a strategic time for the career you're planning and pay close attention to submission deadlines. Request Career Services to review your personal statement, which will accompany your application. Remember to provide your references with an adequate amount of advanced notice for letters of recommendation in order to ensure an excellent letter.
  • Continue to build your career-related experience through internships, part-time jobs, or volunteerism.
  • Pick up free contact card templates from Career Services. 
  • Attend career fairs including the WorkForce Career & Internship Fair in February.
  • Evaluate,negotiate, and accept a job offer.
  • Share your success stories with Career Services in our Graduate Survey.

Help Career Services Stay in Touch with You

StritchConnect is the Career Services resource for job postings, the employer database and career research tools. StritchConnect is also the best way for Career Services to stay in touch with you as a graduate. Please create or update your profile today with an email address you use regularly. Your initial username is your Stritch ID number and the initial password is “stritch.” Please contact Career Services at (414) 410-4157 if you have questions about registering for StritchConnect.

Career Services for Alumni

Career Services resources are available to alumni at no cost. We are available to assist you with all of your career-related activities, including:

  • Making career choices that are right for you.
  • Assessing options and developing effective job search strategies.
  • Identifying and researching potential local, national, and international employers.
  • Developing effective resumes and other written employment search correspondence.
  • Practicing your interviewing techniques and negotiating your salary and benefit package.
  • Comparing job offers and reaching a decision that supports your goals and future success.